A/W Wishlist 2015/16

AW Wishlist 2015161. HandbagMango 2. CoatReiss 3. Boots, Zara 4. Turtleneck, Topshop 5. Loafers, Zara 6. Coat, Zara 7. Culottes, Topshop 8. BackpackZara 9. Coat, Reiss 10. BeltMonki

Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile but hey, student life has definitely taken its toll on my social life. Literally.

Anyways, as you can see above, the colour palette of the few pieces are monochrome and some autumn-y colours. I know there’s people still stuck on the either all black, all white or just black and white outfits, and though they’re pretty effortless, “don’t go wrong” outfits, I still love colour.

Colours I’m loving are: dark blue (especially cobalt blue), burgundy, orange, brown, red and emerald greens. These to me are the colours to go for this A/W. I mean, literally I roll up in a burgundy turtleneck that looks like I’ve put effort in but have put literally none whatsoever lol.

Anyways, hopefully this post hopes guide you on what key pieces and stores to look out for, especially as black friday is near (absolutely can’t wait!)

– Joanita

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