Merry Christmas y’all! (I know you may be thinking “why is this girl blogging on Christmas day?” lol)

Basically, I’ve rewatched Adult Lessons again and still have that excitement from when I first watched it, so I’ve decided to give y’all my opinion on it.

For y’all that don’t know what I’m talking about, Adult Lessons is the World’s first DANCE mixtape, produced and choreographed by Ian Eastwood. The idea itself was genius and tbh, I’m surprised no one has thought of it before but I’m definitely not surprised that it was Ian Eastwood to be the first.

Adult LessonsAs his choreography exemplifies, Ian pays a lot of attention to detail so his tape wasn’t just a bunch of dance videos. The smaller things like calligraphy, music choices and even the name ‘Adult Lessons’ (say it fast and you’ll realise you’re saying ‘Adolescence’) really took part in contributing to the concept. This in itself inspires me a lot because he really takes time to put out the best he could and he definitely stays true to himself; no shade to any choreographers, but these days a lot of choreographers on youtube are putting out videos to the most trendiest songs and using the most popular dancers left, right and centre. Not saying this is not entertaining or there’s no effort but dance in itself is worryingly becoming less about the art.

Last year October, I was honoured to be have lunch with Ian and be taught by him (at the Pulse tour, London) and I must say, he is definitely blessed with talent but also passion. If you watch the tape, I guarantee you could easily think that Ian is heavily involved in film. He’s literally made sure he has enough knowledge on all of the production of this tape in order to produce it and I want to congratulate him on that.

I think I should stop rambling now but I do recommend everyone to watch it:

Ian’s website:

Thanks for reading and Merry Xmas (: