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So this year I wanted to share with you guys the amazing people in this World who inspire me, whether it be their personality, their lifestyle, mantra etc. To start it off, I want to share with you why Taylour Paige (who plays Ahsha Hayes on VH1’s Hit The Floor) inspires me.

If you don’t know what Hit The Floor is, then you’re definitely missing out … and you’re welcome (for when you start it and fall in love). Maybe I’m a bit skewed into loving it as a dancer myself but honestly, the writers have done an amazing job!

[Just throwing it out there for the HTF fans, I’m TeamDersha BUT I feel bad for German now he’s got involved in that car crash]

Anyways, as lovable as Taylour’s character, Ahsha, is, she’s even more lovable.

  1. To start off, Taylour is such a bubbly person who exudes positivity and optimism. She has such a positive outlook on life which is inspiring because whether good or bad, she always looks for the silver lining in a situation and that’s what makes her so lovable. She radiates love!
  2. If you follow Taylour on any social media, you’ll probably notice how much she shares knowledge and positive affirmations. As she grows as a person, she wants to share what she discovers with everyone which is a responsible way of using her platform!
  3. Obviously on social media everyone loves to show the great things in their life and I don’t blame them. Any famous social media accounts definitely have a large following of people envying the lifestyles of those they look up to (upsetting but true); what I love about Taylour is that she highlights how unperfectly perfect she is and reiterates that each of us should love everything about ourselves – again, using her social media platform positively.
  4. She’s an amazing dancer. period.
  5. She’s very truthful/real. Let’s be real, she has an amazing body but she won’t act like she’s the most perfect eater … in fact she embraces her love for food (me and her both!)
  6. She’s BEAUTIFUL! … (inside and out)
  7. She has a great work ethic! Nothing was handed to her and she deserves all the success she gets … which leads onto:
  8. She embraces her journey: regardless of her Laker Girl experience not being the best, she definitely appreciates the lessons she learnt from it which she can apply to her role as Ahsha
  9. She has a clear passion to learn.
  10. It’s season 3 of HTF and she’s as humble as when it was called Bounce!

So to wrap this up, it’s people like Taylour who inspire me to become a better person; her amazing work ethic and personality gives me a drive to become a better person … and her body, omg, let’s not start!

– Joanita

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    1. It was such a random thought of a series I should do since I have inspirations I learn from or look up to … you should do it too! It’ll be interesting to see yours

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