Why I’m PRO-Zendaya’s Grammy’s Look

So today I woke up to a whole load of tweets on my timeline bashing Zendaya’s Grammy outfit. (For those who haven’t seen it, scroll down to the bottom to see some images).

First off, she sported a wide-leg, androgynous tuxedo, which can I add, I LOVED (maybe I’m biased because I love well tailored pieces and love tuxedos/suits)To relax , yet spice the structured attire, Zendaya paired the tuxedo with an unbuttoned white shirt and the mullet that has come to many people’s attention. Now a mullet is a daring hairstyle to rock but before people are quick to judge, she rocked it to pay homage to the late David Bowie. Not only is this brave of Zendaya, but also very thoughtful. Beyonce, too, did the same during her recent Superbowl performance where she wore an outfit similar to MJ’s famous performance outfits. The response, however, to both women was different which is upsetting, with Beyonce getting praise and people not realising Z’s effort; BOTH women should be applauded for their efforts and for someone as young as Z to pay homage to an artist who’s early singles debuted as early as 1967 was compassionate.

Furthermore, let’s get this straight … Zendaya can pretty much pull off anything! She worked that mullet and to be honest, I feel that people were hating on the fact that it was a mullet and not because it didn’t suit her. Anyways, looking at the bigger picture, this “mullet situation” metaphorically exemplifies Zendaya’s character: she is brave, fearless and confident in the women she is!

Those qualities and Zendaya herself should inspire you to also be fearless and make choices that you want, regardless if 1, 2 or 1 million people are watching and judging you. That is why, even though she is a couple months younger than me, Zendaya is one of my inspirations. Her attitude to life is refreshing for someone in our generation and with our close age gap, she really motivates me to work hard and to not limit myself regardless of age. So other than the mullet or the tux, I think people should look at the bigger picture and besides, it’s not everyday dress and heels … sometimes switch it up (:

Lastly, I’m loving Z’s new song “Something New” and can’t wait to see what else she releases this year!

– Joanita


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