The Importance Of Being YOU

Hey guys,

So today I wanted to speak about something I’m quite passionate about due to many reasons: personal, societal, psychological etc. reasons. If you’re like me who loves binge reading articles and blog posts, you’re probably thinking “another one” or you could just be curious (no matter how many times I read the same thing, especially about personal development, I love reading it from different perspectives and I learn something new each time, hence why I read ‘The Alchemist’ every year lol)I’m already moving onto another tangent, imagine! But anyways, I wanted to put my perspective on why I feel it’s important to be you and a lot does come from personal experience so it may (depends how you read it) come across as blunt (I’m an aquarius, sorry).

First off, with social media growing and more and more people having access to it, this brings along more opinions. Before we were fed what “society” aka the “controlled media” wanted us to know and believe, but now, common boy from South London could tell you if you’ve done your edges right – crazy right?! With that being said, we’ve all probably been in a position to feel like we’re not doing something “right” because of what everyone else is saying; this could go from a small issue like “how many people you’re following vs. the amount that follow you” to “what is considered cultural appropriation”. Now even with the most self-aware person, social media can make you question what you believe in, me included. But in all honesty, how we react to it (and everything else outside of social media) does have an effect on who you are, and that’s the scary bit.

Let me tell you, regardless of what people think, do you. I say it like it’s simple but seriously, you live ONE life. The soul may be eternal, yes, but your time on this Earth is very limited; so if you let what everyone thinks be the final say to what you believe, you’ll be living them through you to be honest. That being said, if you aren’t true to you, like seriously true to you, I believe you’ll never be truly happy. Everyone’s idea of happiness is different (part of my happiness is food – crazy, but true lol) and that’s EXACTLY why you have to be true to you. Imagine someone tells you, for example, you can’t listen to indie music because it isn’t cool: 1. you listening to what they like, is trying to feel what they feel, which from the heart, may not be the same and 2. you won’t be genuinely happy since indie music may be your favourite music that makes you feel happy. I know that’s probably the lamest example but think of it metaphorically. Literally, even if I have an “unpopular opinion”, it’s what I truly feel so I’m happy with that or for example, a lot of my friends watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta; I don’t watch it but instead I watch Scandal … because that is what makes me happy.

Furthermore, trying to be something you aren’t, could potentially lead you be more insecure about yourself. Plucking the courage to do something reckless or uncommon is fearless, but at least it makes you feel happy because it’s what you wanted. But imagine covering up what you wanted to do or say or wear, to do what someone else wants you to … making you feel that what you truly wanted to be sort of bad or uncommon or stupid etc. (I’m a bit rambly right now … a youtube video would’ve been better … if I were a YouTuber lol). But seriously, by trying to cover up who you are, may make you feel very insecure about your true self aka very unhealthy for the soul (literally some people think I’m cool and others think I’m too serious or boring … and me? I’m just a girl who loves the Annie 2014 soundtrack, that wants to desperately walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and I’m cool with that)

Also, a great pro about being yourself is that those who like you … really like you, for YOU. If someone can accept you for who you are (the good, bad and the ugly) then they are someone you should stick around (unless they have bad energy). That being said, I’ll leave you some pointers on how to really get in touch with yourself:

  1. Be open-minded but also, trust your gut instinct (aka listen to people’s opinions, but don’t think that you’re all of a sudden wrong)
  2. Be inspired by others and everything but don’t copy (literally, I’ve had people copy me on even the silliest things and I feel sorry for them because I do things to benefit me, because I know what’s good … for me)
  3. Try something new or something you’ve always wanted to do (literally I don’t care if knitting is associated with “old people”, I still want to be able to knit … especially because I lose gloves wayyyy too often)
  4. Do something out of your comfort zone (you actually get to learn more about yourself in uncomfortable situations)
  5. Meditate (I recommend the Headspace app for newbies)
  6. Accept you: the whole you. If you want to change the bad bits about yourself, then change it. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to … as long as you can accept who you are. If you’re needy, accept that needy-ness. If you’re sassy, work that sass! Like I said before: ONE life.

Okay, I’ve literally given you an essay, and if you’ve lasted this long … wow, haha. I get really passionate on this sort of topic tbh. I’ll close this off by leaving you with a quote from one of my favourite woman who has graced this Earth:

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself” – Diane Von Furstenberg

– Joanita

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