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Hi Guys,

I know during my last post, I said I would be posting more throughout April but literally (and I’m being dead serious, unfortunately), about 5-10 minutes after completing the post, I got told that my exam timetable was changed and my first couple of exams have been pushed forward so they’re in 3 weeks 🙁

That literally was a joy kill, but I did take advantage of the 2 weeks holiday (mostly spent dancing, as per usual lol)

Anyways, if you follow me on twitter (@MonochromeEgo – just throwing that out there), or know me personally, you probably know I love everything about travelling (maybe because I love Geography … and yes, especially volcanoes, earthquakes, rivers etc.). As common as it is, I DO want to travel in my 20s. I want to travel forever to be honest, but I can’t hide the fact that the older we get, the more responsibilities we will have, which makes travelling more difficult. I’m not sure about taking the typical “gap year” travelling because I’m one of those people who organise, plan and get anxiety over things like finances, work etc. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t spend weekends, half-terms, summer holidays etc. travelling. As of now, I’m still yet to touch the Asian, South American & Australian continent (I doubt I’ll ever go to Antartica – the UK is enough lol). Anyways, here is a list of places I really, really, REALLY want to go to:

1. Machu Picchu

Okay, so it’s not exactly a country but it’s a gorgeous settlement in Peru that I would to do the Inca Trail to (however, I don’t think the presence of llamas will work with me lol). It’s actually a journey I want to go on for my mental and spiritual growth aka no phones and a lot of clear thinking. It’s situations like those that allow you to learn about yourself and converse with thyself without distractions. It would literally be my version of ‘The Pilgrimage’ (by Paulo Coelho)

2. Bali

Not going to lie, I didn’t know about Bali until America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 lol. That being said, I actually want to go there for my honeymoon *prays I actually get married, to have a honeymoon* and so, I don’t need to worry about dragging my friends there – yet*

* If I’m about 35 and still not married, then I WILL have to drag someone with me lol.

3. Australia

I swear I mention dance in almost all my posts but if you’ve watched the Dance Academy series then you’ll understand part of my obsession with Australia. However, it did actually stem from watching Samantha Marie (aka The BeautyCrush) and Tasha Green’s vlogs of their trip to Australia. I actually fell in love and fingers crossed … I may be going there next year (it’s out there now so it’s up to the universe to conspire it to happen)

4. Rwanda

It’s a bit weird to say that I took interest into visiting Rwanda after watching Hotel Rwanda, which is based on the genocide. But, after seeing the beautiful development of the country, who wouldn’t fall in love! And besides, anywhere with sun and I’m there!

5. Zanzibar/Tanzania

I’ve actually walked into Tanzania, until I reached a school, then turned back and crossed back into no-man’s-land a couple years back. But that’s not the experience I’m anticipating for. I really want to visit the people of the Maasai Mara tribe, chill in the Serengeti (I don’t know how that will play out with wild animals lurking haha) and definitely walk up Mt. Kililmanjaro. Why? Just to take pictures of the sky lol. I have this strange obsession with the sky and the look of clouds and after hearing from someone who’s walked up Kili that the clouds were beneath them when the reached the top, won me over instantly. Besides that, I would love to chill and eat on the Zanzibar island too!

6. Italy

As a great lover of food, of course I want to visit Italy. Pizza, pasta, gelato – and repeat would be the move! That sounds so ignorant but I can’t exactly say I would go there for the designer shops (unless it’s knockoff Gucci haha); I’m not at that stage, financially or mentally, to splurge money on that kind of stuff but food … there’s always money for food! Besides that, the gorgeous architecture, museums, the Sistine Chapel and a Gondola ride down a backstreet canal is also other reasons to visit Italy.

7. Paris (and Marseille)

I have this thing about cobbled streets and when I think of Paris, I think of cobbled streets lol! That’s not a good enough reason to go to Paris but is there a point of explaining why … it’s Paris. Even though France is like a stone throw away from the UK, I actually haven’t visited unfortunately. Hopefully by next year I would’ve at least spent a weekend there! Also, Marseille is a gorgeous city and a typical Brit loves a getaway to the South of France to indulge in some sun, sea and … ice cream (:

8. Singapore

Singaporean noodles are the bomb! Honestly, if you haven’t tried them then you’re definitely missing out! Besides that, I would love to visit Asia and Singapore would be a great start!

9. Atlanta

It’s not a country and besides, I’ve actually been to the States. I was actually supposed to be going to Atlanta this June but when you haven’t got a car or that uber money, then you kind of have to take it off the agenda. Note to anyone who wants to go there: have a ride and a driver ready. Anyways, there was a stage where I was living like an ATL-ien, but obviously in London. Like I felt like I was in touch with the kids over there … I knew about the Rich Kidz, Lennox Mall, Atlantic Station, “Knuck If You Buck”, Peachtree Avenue etc. Now, I’m not so much in touch but I would still love to reach that south of the east coast.

10. Dominican Republic

I think the name itself is enough. It’s gorgeous, that’s all!

And that’s it folks. There is definitely some more countries but these are my top ones as of now! Hopefully in a couple of years I can say I’ve gone to at least 5-6 of them. Starting off, I’ll be going to Italy at the end of next week so that will be one ticked off! I would love to hear where some of you guys would love to go … maybe you can evangelise me into visiting a certain place I never thought of! This post is definitely longer than I’d anticipated so I guess this is goodbye until my next post!

– Joanita.

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    1. Thank you so much Georgia (:
      I’m trying my best but I’m in a mental slump right now (exams unfortunately) but I have loads of ideas; I just need to buy a camera and have my exams over and then I’ll be more consistent so hopefully I can keep up to my words lol! You motivate me though!!!

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