PET PEEVES | Dancers Edition

Long time, no post *grins nervously*

So for those who don’t know, I’m in the middle of my freshman exams (I’m in university) hence why the lack of posts, so I can’t lie and say I’m sorry for not posting. But hey, summer is almost here aka more posts will be on their way (:

Anyways, I’m not sure if this type of post has been done before but I thought I should do a pet peeves post; but as the brain works, on spot I couldn’t think of enough pet peeves so I decided to do a dance edition for now. Imma just go straight in:

  1. “Can you do the splits?” No. It is not mandatory for every dancer to be able to do the splits.
  2. Technical freestylers this one may come across as a contradiction. As much as I love watching clean lines, pointed toes and beautiful turns, believe it or not, I’ve realised that some technical dancers don’t know how to freestyle whereby they’re really listening to the beat. Literally, go to a Brian Friedman class and I guarantee you there will be a dancer who drops into a split, does a turn, tilts, then repeats. Like yo, you can groove and really feel the music you know?
  3. Choreographers favouritism it’s annoying when it’s obvious and they don’t focus on others.
  4. People who come along and stand in front of you in the mirror oh, so the mirror was there for decoration and I stood in front of it for no reason?
  5. Dancers who stand too close if there’s room, use it, period.
  6. When a choreographers teaches a set of counts, marks it and then goes straight into groups it was at that moment, I realised I am destined to mess up lol
  7. Non-humble dancers.
  8. The assumption that all dancers want to work professionally if I draw a picture or did graffiti art, I would probably be told I’m talented, but not automatically assumed that it is the career I want to go into. So why does most people assume I want to work professionally as a dancer?! I can’t have as it as a hobby, no?
  9. No sympathy to inconsistent training dancers due to finance dance is so expensive and not every dancer is blessed with thousands to spend on it or lucky to have parents who own a studio.
  10. Fame-craving choreographers I don’t need to elaborate *sips tea*

So there you have it. Those are MY pet peeves so it may not apply to all dancers lol. On the note of dance, I went to Italy 2-3 weeks ago for the WHES Dance Convention, and may I add … I don’t think I’ve danced so much with such little sleep. Literally, on the 1st day I arrived at 4.30am and had to be up and ready to start dancing by 10am – By 12.30am the next day I couldn’t stop yawning and had to go to bed (yes, that’s over 12 hours with classes going on). All in all, the lineup was amazing – I was taught by so many of my favourites from Brian Friedman to Ian Eastwood to Camillo Lauricella and met so many incredible dancers. What I liked most about this convention is how everyone was in one place. I expected the choreographers to be isolated in their own area but literally, they ate with everyone and chilled with everyone which was sick. I would recommend going to WHES but my biggest warning is that a lot of people go … there was 900 of us in one room. If I’m going next year? I’ll have to see once the lineup and details release.

Anyways, that is all for today.

– Joanita

P.S: Some food for thought down below. Jaden’s philosophy means everything to me and everything I stand for!