TRAVEL DIARY :: Bahamas Edition

Hey guys, as mentioned previously in my life update post, I went to the Bahamas! This was my first time reaching as far as the Caribbean and definitely won’t be my last whilst I’m on this Earth!

I didn’t know what exactly to expect of Bahamas apart from sandy beaches, palm trees and dolphin encounters but I can tell you it was even better than I’d expected.

As mentioned before, I went to both New York and Bahamas so the scenery juxtaposes each other, as well as the ambience; so going to Bahamas was my real holiday where I wanted to relax as much as possible having finished exams and soon returning back to work. My friend, Jackie, and I flew from New York to Bahamas for 5 days to take a relaxing break, hence why we didn’t do as much activities, nor were we as busy as we were in New York. But it was a beautiful experience: the people were very lovely and the level of customer service was the best I’ve come across in terms of tourism/holidays. With their lovely accents, Bahamian people are always ready to give a helping hand and welcome you into their country.

Having been to Uganda (where my family originates from) and Ghana, there were similarities but Bahamas has a whole different vibe. Everything is very chill and not busy which is what I loved, along with the BBQ chicken being grilled on the beach (tip: for anyone visiting the Bahamas, the best Bahamian food I tasted was from the Tiki Bikini Hut).

We stayed at the Hilton but much to my dislike, McDonalds and Dunkin’ Doughnuts were right opposite us. My friend, Jackie, and I, being the explorers that we are, definitely wanted to get the Bahamian experience and so we had food from the locals – which was honestly the best. I’m literally hooked on peas’n’ rice (Bahamians don’t say rice’n’peas – well not on the menus anyways), BBQ chicken and their mac’n’cheese – that was my favourite meal that I literally bought it again before heading to the airport and ate in whilst waiting for my gate to open for boarding lol.

Overall, with its gorgeous, scenic landscapes and colourful buildings, Bahamas is a country I definitely would consider living in, in the future, but more short term, would definitely return for another holiday. So for anyone considering, I would say definitely visit the island (or shall I say islands since there is about 700 Bahamian islands) and if you’re thinking of treating “bae” to a chill getaway, Bahamas is definitely the spot!

Disclaimer: all photography in this post are my own and for visual aid, click onto the gallery below.

– Joanita

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