Month: October 2016


In honour of her birthday (aka Willoween), it’s only right I share with you guys why Willow Smith inspires me. Regardless of her age (as in she’s younger than me), I definitely look up to this goddess. Here’s why: She exudes love. What I mean is that she digs deeper than societies idea of love. …

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My UN-popular Opinion

[photo credit to @genuine_disciple] Hey guys, I really like coming across people’s unpopular opinions, whether it be via social media or in person to juxtapose our different opinions (for fun of course!), so I thought I would share some of mine; and a reminder, these are opinions and therefore they’re subjective and biased so in …

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Hey guys, So, two weeks ago I went to Porto, the 2nd largest city in Portugal for 4 nights. This was the perfect time to go on a short trip since it was the only break I would have as I transition between work and uni. I went with 4 other people and we stayed …

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