Hey guys,

So, two weeks ago I went to Porto, the 2nd largest city in Portugal for 4 nights. This was the perfect time to go on a short trip since it was the only break I would have as I transition between work and uni. I went with 4 other people and we stayed in the flyest airbnb I’ve been to yet. Literally, it was apartment goals as it had the Shirley B. Eniang aesthetic: all white. Also, location wise, we were about 10 mins from the airport and the city centre = cheap uber rides (:

With only 4 full days to spare, there was only so much we could do. Fortunately Porto isn’t a huge city and thus, loads of areas are of walking distance. From the River Douro to the Clerigos Tower, most attractions were visited during our free walking tour. Also, we took a boat tour under the bridges along the river which was very scenic. One thing I adored about Porto was the architecture. Like the Bahamas, the buildings were bursting with colour, but in contrast to the Bahamas, buildings in Porto were decorated with some gorgeous, detailed tiling (some with the famous blue tiles that Porto is known for) and the architecture in Porto has more of a gothic feel. Funnily enough, there is a bookstore in Porto that J.K Rowling would visit, that is known for inspiring the staircase she featured in Harry Potter (shamelessly I haven’t watched/read the Harry Potter series … yet). If you’re a seafood lover, Porto is definitely a city you would love to visit since their cuisines are centred around the locally caught seafood, including Octopus. The people of Porto are definitely nice and warming and have an amazing sense of pride for their history and culture, which I adored.

I really enjoyed Porto and the vibes it had to offer. Between my friends, it was filled with so much banter and we caught SO many L’s haha. I will be uploading some pics/vids slowly on my instagram (@monochrome_ego) so head over there for more images.

Thanks for reading

– Joanita