In honour of her birthday (aka Willoween), it’s only right I share with you guys why Willow Smith inspires me. Regardless of her age (as in she’s younger than me), I definitely look up to this goddess. Here’s why:

  1. She exudes love. What I mean is that she digs deeper than societies idea of love. She’s on a journey to become love itself.
  2. She has impeccable work ethic. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith being her parents obviously has people believing she has everything handed to her. But, if you follow her, you’ll probably think otherwise. One thing I know is that they’ve shared knowledge with her and allowed her to make decisions for herself.
  3. She has a passion to learn. It’s quite evident that she’s a passionate student in a sense whereby she puts herself in an environment where she enjoys learning (this is why she left conventional school) which leads to another point …
  4. She is wise … and well beyond her years. I had the pleasure of meeting Willow last year summer and the amount of knowledge she shared was amazing. In fact, that was probably one of the best intellectual conversations I’ve ever had!
  5. She owns her decisions. Regardless of it it’s the “norm”, she does what’s best for her and for that, she is …
  6. FEARLESS. It takes a lot of courage to publicly display half the stuff she does, and I think we can all learn from her
  7. She’s multi-talented. Not only can she sing (of which she freestyles for most of her songs, if not all), she can produce music, play multiple instruments, design and sew her own clothes, speak Na’vi and that’s only a portion of what she’s capable of!
  8. Speaking from first-hand experience, she has positive vibes.
  9. She’s so candid.
  10. She’s beautiful. Inside and out.

Can’t believe lil Wilough is now 16 year old (even though her mental age is way beyond that) but she has grown up so much in front of us from the ‘Whip My Hair’ days. I hope she has a sick day, in fact week and hope we cross paths again so we can discuss Osho (which she put me on and I’m thankful for her recommendation).

Thanks for reading

– Joanita

(All images retrieved from “Willow Smith” tumblr search engine)