(Disclaimer: all images of Leomie Anderson are from; every other image was found via tumblr)

ONE| Rihanna:

Do I need to say much. The pictures literally say it all. This ICONIC (yes, I went there) style queen definitely influences my style. Rihanna is one of those people who can wear a bin bag and still make it look classy. Regardless of if it’s a gown or a tracksuit, Rihanna has an effortless aura in the way she carries herself and her outfits. We can’t deny, her “I don’t care” attitude has made her become a trendsetter. I don’t keep up heavily with fashion but I do think she’s the one who made wearing strappy heels (or heeled sandals) and tracksuits a thing. Furthermore, the fact she doesn’t box herself into one style is everything I love. Like myself, I love to switch up looks. Today I may want to wear a dress and tomorrow some basketball shorts and same like Rihanna. If not for music (which is unlikely), Rihanna will be remembered for her style and her candid paparazzi shots!

TWO| Leomie Anderson:

If you don’t know, now you do: Leomie has a blog called, the first blog I actually religiously followed and which introduced me to the blogging world. I’m even thankful that this was the 1st blog I came across because her blog definitely isn’t in the box of a “typical blog”. Let me break it down: her outfit posts actually have colour *gasps*. Contrary to the fact that my blog name has monochrome (there’s a reason behind it – still yet to be revealed), I’m starting to find bloggers conforming to the black and white palette, everything minimal, everything perfect with amazingly neat flatlays, marble-everything and plants everywhere – everything Leomie hasn’t done. Leomie’s blog and style has actually inspired my style, firstly, because she mixes her looks alot and also because she’s the one who introduced the importance of textures to outfits. Before I paid little attention to mixing sheer, neoprene or leather items to my outfits. Also, Leomie inspired me to shop for unique pieces – I mean have you seen her vintage Chanel collection? I also learnt from following Leomie for years to get my white shirts from the school section: inexpensive and multipacket (:

THREE| Whitley Gilbert:

Though fictional, Whitley Gilbert has always been serving looks. For those who don’t know, Whitley Gilbert is from the 80s show ‘A Different World’, one of my favourite shows. Anyone who knows me, knows I LIVE in turtlenecks and from the pictures above, you can see where I get inspiration from. Whitley has such a classy, elegant yet effortless vibe about her style, incorporating smart “workwear” in her everyday outfits. This is one of my looks that I, too, incorporate in my style; I literally have a collection of shirts, blazers, trousers etc. with a lot of my looks inspired from the 80s era.

FOUR| Justine Skye:

Brooklyn-born Justine Skye’s style is full of colour, making a lot of androgynous sports-luxe looks appear quite sexy. You can tell being born and bred in Brooklyn has influenced her style a lot, especially when she’s with her West Coast friends – and tbh, I definitely prefer the East Coast styles to the West. Watching her grow up from the tumblr girl who chilled with the tumblr crew has been interesting seeing as her style has evolved but still has elements of the tumblr days. I do love how she would dare to have outfits that consist of green, purple, blue, pink, you name it, and though it sounds horrendous, trust me: she makes it work. I love how chill her style is aswell, yet it looks so cool.

FIVE| Vanessa Huxtable:

To be honest, I’ve loved the whole Huxtables’ wardrobe but growing up Vanessa’s outfits were the ones that stood out the most to me. For those who don’t know who I’m on about, Vanessa Huxtable is another fictional character but from The Cosby Show (I swear I’ve mentioned this show like x368 on this blog lol). Vanessa has always had baggy clothes, especially with the coloured sweaters should would borrow from Denise or Sondra’s wardrobe. But the way she pairs the sweaters, leggings and jackets, though not figure-hugging, she could make them look sexy or chic. As she grows older and becomes a senior student, she incorporates more blazers and more structured items to her outfit, yet still incorporates a loose look, which I adore.

SIX| Zendaya:

Zendaya: the nations sweetheart! I love everything about Zendaya: she’s definitely real. I love how daring she is on red carpet’s but definitely shows in her daily life that she’s a ‘sweats and sliders’ type of girl. For a young person, she’s one of the most daring when it comes to her choice of outfits on the carpet, and this goes hand in hand with her hair choices. Also, I adore how she works her stilettos. What strikes me the most about Zendaya’ style is the versatility of her looks and how she’s adventurous, yet keeps it safe. With a young audience, she has kept her outfits PG but yet has made them sexy. She’s also another person who can make sports-luxe look very sexy!

So … these are the people I look up to, style-wise, and if you know me personally, you’ve probably seen elements of each in my style. I hope you liked this post and thanks for reading (:

– Joanita