BEAUTYCON 2016 | Part Two: What Is Beauty?

Hey guys,

So for part two of my BeautyCon post, I wanted to share with you what beauty means to me and to some of my favourite influencers. Contrary to being surrounded by beauty vendors, by incorporating panels, BeautyCon enables the discussion of topics other than superficial beauty (so no, topics aren’t centred around the best false lashes brand or the longest lasting lip stain); in fact, the topics are along the lines of confidence, self-acceptance, career growth etc. So it’s nice hearing advice and being given the chance to ask questions to your favourite influencers.

As I interacted with some influencers, I asked them “what does beauty mean to you?”. I’ve put together a montage (see below) of their responses and an overview of what it’s like inside the BeautyCon festival.

Also, since I forgot to record my answer, here is my response:

Beauty is acceptance.

Beauty is acknowledging the highs, the lows, the intense moments of laughter, the wit and snappiness, the bad hair days, the embarrassing moment when you run for the bus and the driver decides not to open the door for you (and of course, this HAS happened to me lol). Beauty is the hyper-pigmentation, the bald patches, the cellulite and the uneven eyebrows. And in all the imperfections, beauty is accepting them and living life confidently because it makes us who we are. The very fact that we are imperfect is perfect and is the beauty of reality. What makes life a beauty of reality is all its imperfections and mysteries. It makes life fun. In order to appreciate the highs, you have to experience the lows and this is what makes life beautiful – it’s fluctuations and unpredictability. In order to go through life, one must accept its beauty and I believe the most beautiful people live life acknowledging this, as well as living life viewing the “cup as half full”

– Joanita