2016 | The Afterword.

Hey guys,

So this is it, the end of 2016.

There has been a lot of negative connotation towards 2016, commonly due to world events such as Brexit, the Trump win and the loss of many legends. Personally though, 2016 has been a good and different year for me. I’m actually very grateful for this year, not because of the highs only, but genuinely because of the lows too!

Obviously as a blogger, I blog about the great stuff such as travelling or attending events, concerts etc. and when I’m posting on other social media networks like twitter, life comes across as a field of daisy’s (is that even an idiom?). Most people, including friends and family, didn’t actually know there was a point in 2016 where I was newly diagnosed with a disorder. I don’t want this to be some sort of sob story but I never publicised it, nor did I tell most people (apart from those who were in physical contact with me a lot) but though it can be considered as a low, to me it was a test of character. I can finally say I’m cleared of this “disorder” as of now but it has really taught me a lot about myself, one being that I’m very resilient … another win to add to the books!

Anyways, to avoid this post being super long, I’m going to share with you guys my favourite memories of 2016:

  1. Laughing: I thoroughly enjoy laughing and one of my most intense laughs (yes, it’s that deep) was in Porto when a friend, Theo, decided to imitate how girls walk in heels. It doesn’t sound as funny as it was but honestly, I still cry-laugh at the snap I have of it!
  2. Visiting the Bahamas: one of the most amazing country with very beautiful people I’ve ever visited. From the food, vibes and weather, Bahamas is definitely a place I think everyone should visit and hopefully I’ll visit once again
  3. Dance Showdown 2016: this year my dance group won Dance Showdown, a competition held in the Cadagon Hall every year. Not only that, but I was awarded the ‘performer of the night’ award and was gifted a backstage pass and tickets to the Vamos Cuba! show
  4. WHES Dance Convention: this was my first dance convention abroad and despite missing my flight and arriving a whole day late, it was an amazing experience. Being inspired by almost 900 dancers in one room as well as gaining knowledge from my favourite choreographers was definitely a turning point in my dance training
  5. Every moment I indulged into some Jack Daniel Wings from TGI Friday’s lol 
  6. Porto: the short trip I went to with some friends back in September was honestly so, so funny! … too many memorable L’s were collected haha (:
  7. Every meaningful, “deep” conversation I’ve had about life … not only are they mind-opening, but I love hearing people’s perspectives on topics
  8. Travelling with Jackie: this is basically my travel partner. This year we went to New York and the Bahamas!
  9. Sleeping in the sun: honestly, I really, really, really enjoy sleeping with the sun’s heat as my blanket (not tryna be Shakespeare here) but sleeping on the beach or in a park is so beautiful … especially waking up to the sounds of nature (okay, I’ll stop because I’m really not trying to be poetic haha)
  10. Nao concert: last year I affirmed that I have to see her live; not only did I see her once, but I saw her twice live and got to meet her (fun fact: she said we look like sisters)

So that’s all folks. 2017 is literally around the corner but I still haven’t thought about what my focus/aims for the year is … which is weird for me tbh!

Happy new year to all of you and I hope it’s an even better year!

(I’ve also updated my ‘Rhythmic Adventure‘ page where you can read my yearly favourites)

– Joanita