UPDATE // 2017 Catch-Up

… didn’t expect my first post of the year to be an update or released this late but here goes:

Hey guys,

No apologies from me this time because I intentionally have not blogged since 2017 … here’s why: blogging to me is supposed be fun and I blog moreso for myself rather than to impress others so I have to be in the mood to blog, rather than treat it as a chore.

2017 for me hasn’t started on the right foot, which is weird considering that I enjoyed 2016 and finished it on a high. I’ve been in a bad slump during what felt like 2 years of January due to assignment stress and birthday anxiety. From working full-time over christmas whilst doing assignments, fitting in dance training to coming back to university, and organising my birthday, I’ve not had much time to ‘breathe’. If you’ve kept up with me on social media, you may know about my birthday dress situation … and seen the outcome (it took me four attempts to get a dress – unimpressed). 

Thankfully my birthday turned out to be fun. Quick lowdown: I threw a house party (joint with my two housemates who are both January babies too), then the morning after, a couple friends and myself flew to Barcelona for the weekend to chill. Years ago I said I wanted to have a party for my 21st and then go to Dubai … well Dubai didn’t happen but hey, who knows, maybe I’ll go in the near-future? Would I have a party then fly out afterwards again? … no. As much fun as it was, I love sleep way too much to be sacrificing it. Literally had an hour’s sleep after my party before I had to get up, pack (*gasps* yes, last minute packing), then head to the airport. Being that we were only in Barcelona for two nights, ‘sleep is for the weak’ was the motto. Once we settled into our apartment, we literally freshened up and headed out to dinner and for a catchup since I went with my girls from my hometown. The next day was the only full day we had in Barcelona so we spent it touring around (thank God for hop-on, hop off tour buses). 

Barcelona is such a beautiful, vibrant city. Compared to the grey, moody atmosphere presented 24/7 in Birmingham, Barcelona had blue skies and winter sun! Now anyone who knows me, knows I have this obsession with blue skies lol so that alone had be grinning bare! It was also good seeing my friends since we all live in different cities now that we’re in university. But like I said, I would not do it again. After we arrived back to Birmingham, I went home, dropped my luggage and then went to my economics lecture: rookie mistake. I literally passed out after that lecture that I missed my french class lol. Since then though, I’ve been up and down with other birthdays, as well as finishing my semester 1 assignments and trying to keep on top of semester 2 work. Now that my semester 1 assignments are finally completed … I have mid-term exams in a couple weeks: yay.

This is the reason why I haven’t been blogging since I’ve barely had the time to plan anything and I don’t want to post anything half-heartedly. I did think I owe it to whoever actually reads my blog an explanation since I’ve had a few people ask me when I’m next posting. I can’t say that I’m fully back on my grind but I will be after March. Also, I have some exciting changes to my life that’ll be happening mid-year that I’ll be bringing y’all on so I will def. have loads to blog about then.

Thanks for bearing with my inconsistent schedule but I’ll be back lol.

– Joanita

p.s: here are some pictures from my birthday weekend (all images are my own) and head over to my instagram (@monochrome-ego) to see a recap video