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  • My Favourite TV Series

    Hey guys, so this post is on a whole different topic: TV. To be honest, I’m not the biggest TV-lover and I’ve only come to realise that recently. At the moment I’m not watching any shows because nothing really appeals to me and I developed the habit of starting series in the summer so it […]

  • Thoughts

    Hey guys, Before I get straight into this post, a quick reminder to you all that this is my opinion … keyword being: my. This topic doesn’t only relate to those considered the “smart” friend, but also the “overachiever” or the “successful” one; to be honest, it depends on the context of the situation but in […]

  • Inspiration
  • 5 Women Who Inspire Me

    Hey guys, As you should know, March is Women’s History Month, with March 8th being a particularly special day since we celebrate International Women’s Day. To be honest, I was amazed with the amount of buzz it had all over social media this year and I’m glad it did because it’s important to celebrate our amazingness […]

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  • 50 QUESTIONS | Part Two.

    And here you have it, part two to “50 questions you should ask a girl if you’re trying to get to know her”. If you haven’t already, read part one here. 26. What do you find most attractive about each sex? Vulnerability and self-awareness. If a guy could own his beliefs, opinions and emotions then […]

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  • 50 QUESTIONS | Part One.

    Hey guys, So this post I’ll be answering 50 questions which should “allegedly” be asked to a girl if you want to really know who they are. I have to shout out my friend Georgia (thelittleboxbedroom.blogspot.co.uk) who I got this idea from and found it quite interesting to see her answers, so I thought … […]