5 Women Who Inspire Me

Hey guys,

As you should know, March is Women’s History Month, with March 8th being a particularly special day since we celebrate International Women’s Day. To be honest, I was amazed with the amount of buzz it had all over social media this year and I’m glad it did because it’s important to celebrate our amazingness (:

There are so many women I look up to in many different ways, especially those breaking the barriers and making a name for themselves. This ranges from individuals such as Ginny (FroGirl Ginny) to collectives such as inBLOOM. I believe sisterhood especially is important because there is room for us all and with the support from our fellow sisters, we can all make it!

Below I’m going to share with you five women who inspire me a lot (side note: my mother is the most inspirational women in my life but that’s on a very personal level).


Need I say much?! Even though she’s been scrutinised for not being a “role model”, I would definitely class Rihanna as a “real model”. This is what inspires me so much: with the pressures of fame and conforming to the norms of a popstar, Rihanna illustrates how to do things your own way and still be successful. Her authenticity is what draws so many people to like her. Even if you don’t like her music, her character enough can make you like her because she’s real. If she’s pissed, unbothered, annoyed etc., she will still display that emotion and that’s very important since she has a wide audience and often fame showcases a “perfect image” that is hard to replicate. I also love that she dares to be different and she confidently carries herself. It is undeniable that she is a trendsetter! Who thought pairing heeled sandals with a tracksuit would actually look good?! She’s definitely a fashion inspiration of mine and I love how feminine and effortless she makes androgynous looks.


Two degrees! That enough inspires me … and the fact they’re both from Ivy League colleges is very impressive. To witness a black woman go to an elite school is so important because the representation can inspire and motivate others to do the same. I will put it out there in the universe: I want to get a MBA from the Harvard Business School at some point in time. Therefore, Ms Obama is definitely a role model I look up to. I also love how ambitious she is and her drive to work. Despite being the First Lady, she still worked on projects that meant something to her. Though some can argue that she had to because “it was her job”, Michelle was (before she was First Lady) and still is involved in projects involving and helping communities. On top of that, the fact that she’s educated, goes to show that she doesn’t need Obama’s success to be posed as her own. All in all, she was the coolest First Lady to date who showed empathy and didn’t get lost in the sauce during the eight years in the White House.


Of course I couldn’t do this post without Willow. Despite her being younger than me, I look up to her so much. Not only is she smart, she’s exudes bravery and confidence and dares to be different. On top of that she takes initiative: she didn’t enjoy the conventional school system, and started her own school alongside her friends (and if this sounds crazy, believe me when I say, she is advanced in her learning). I won’t state much since I’ve done a whole post about her which you can read here.


If you don’t know already, DVF is the originator and creator of the famous wrap dress that we not only see featured in her collections, but imitated by other brands, whether they’re high street or designer. What I love about DVF is that she owns her values, including her sexuality. Having read her book, DVF speaks about her past relationships and the way she goes about it displays the confidence she has within her self. She owns up to what could easily be tainted as “promiscuous” thoughts … which only makes her come across as authentic to me. On top of that, I love how elegant she is and how that carries through to her brand. To be a DVF girl, you must be able to grace the earth as elegantly and effortlessly (keyword: effortlessly), as Diane is herself. Not only that, but she radiates confidence and independence. I also love the tough love she gives to her mentees, yet knows how to show empathy towards them.


For those who don’t know, Patricia Bright is a youtuber who owns two channels (1. Patricia Bright and 2. Britpoplife Vlogs). Patricia (alongside Tasha Green) is the one youtuber that I watch religiously. It may seem weird since I have the attention span of Dory when it comes to makeup (and makeup tutorials in this case), but it’s her character and personality that won me over! She is authentic in her videos, which is deepened by her vlogs … not to mention the fact that she’s funny! I love her business mindset whereby she seeks opportunities and follows them through. This had led her to starting a consulting company, a hair brand alongside her channels and other endeavours that happen behind closed doors. She also reminds me a lot of myself in the sense that she’s in a creative industry, yet hasn’t neglected her left-side brain tendencies. Basically, I relate to the fact that she’s an organisation freak and numbers excite her lol. Patricia has become successful very early in her life, and that’s what motivates me to push from a young age.

And that’s it for today folks. There are many more women who inspire me in different ways but these are the five that are more prominent in my life. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this!

– Joanita