R E F L E C T I O N S | Sophomore Year


Hey guys,

As you may have read in my previous post, you would know that I’ve just completed my second year in university. It has been one hell of an academic year! Though it went quick, it also dragged due to the heavy workload. This academic year tested me way more than the last; but it has enabled me to grow as a person, so I’m thankful. I’m going to highlight my views on three key areas that stood out this year:

1 | Workload

The jump in workload is crazy … I was not ready! Everyone always talks about that transition between GCSE’s and A-Levels, but I don’t know why the transition between first and second year is silenced?! Not only does the workload increase but the marking criteria gets way harsher! Those easy first’s in first year is way harder to get in second year. But that highlighted a flaw in the system: due to the lack of standardised marking criteria, as like in A-Levels and below, this enables your grades to fluctuate and may not reflect a student accurately. To elaborate, one lecturer can be a easy marker and won’t expect much of you, whereas another may mark you as if you’re submitting a master’s dissertation. That way, it makes it harder to understand the standard for a particular grade when there isn’t a standardised marking criteria. The silver lining is that it has pushed me as a student, so I definitely have witnessed an improvement in my writing since first year.

2 | Accommodation

Housing is a nightmare. Honestly. I would rather go for private accommodation (those made to be like campus halls but are privately owned) or just be in halls altogether! Rarely do you hear a student have positive feedback regarding their housing situation. If its not their landlord, its their lack of amenities, the poor quality or maintenance of the household or dealing with bills. I would say that it enables you to experience privately renting, which is something that people do once they move out of their parents house. However, student landlords move so differently! It makes sense though … the fact that the demand is high really gives them a lot of power, which if you’re unlucky, is exercised badly. All in all, I’m glad I’ve experienced it but its taught me that I hope to own my own place asap and I like my own space … a lot.

3 | Friends

This year I’ve made quite a few new friends. However, one thing I’ve realised is that … I gel better with people from other uni’s than my own lol. Don’t get me wrong, my uni doesn’t contain rude, malicious people or anything … it just doesn’t contain people I could vibe with on a social level. To explain better, I find that I can make a lot of friends out of convenience in my uni but let’s say it’s the weekend, they’re not exactly people I would chill with. Weird right? But I’ve made friends from other unis which has been fun for motives especially. I’ve also travelled to other uni cities and they all have  a different vibe, which is nice to experience! All in all, socially, second year has been much better than first year!

And that’s it folks. I’m glad to see the end of second year because it was really burning me out! I’m hoping that third year will be more chill than this year, so that I can travel more and train more in dance. Unfortunately, compared to first year, I’ve barely trained (dance-wise), which I’m hoping isn’t the case when I’m abroad because that assists even more regression 🙁

Anyways, I hope everyone has a lit summer!

– Joanita