TRAVEL DIARY :: Algarve Edition



Hey guys,

So as mentioned in my ‘life update‘ post, my friends and I went on a short holiday in May. We went back to Portugal again but down south to the Algarve region, specifically Albufeira. This trip is probably my most last minute, random getaway and I’m glad we went! How it came about? … well I was taking out my braids during the Easter holiday and was watching a Nella Rose vlog when she went. It. looked. lit. So me being me, I looked up flight prices out of curiosity and placed a hypothetical on my friends. They were down so we booked it, continued focusing on our exams and then up and went. Unluckily for me, I was the only one not done with uni when we went but I only had one exam left when I got back. As always, we stayed in an airbnb … this one being our first with a swimming pool (didn’t even use it in the end lol).

For anyone looking to go, I’ll provide you with a price breakdown: roundtrip flight (£48 – Ryan Air) + airbnb (£60 each)

In total, there were eight of us (5 girls + 3 lads) so this was the largest group I’ve organised as a trip but def. one of the most funniest. Also, Portugal is definitely a good country for a cheap getaway for groups, with a good mixture of cultural and leisure activities hence why we didn’t mind returning, even though we went to Porto last year.

Day One

Apart from Theo, all of us flew in from Birmingham since the flight wasn’t too early and the airport is easy and inexpensive to reach via train. Theo flew in from Paris but his flight got delayed so we waited longer than anticipated. The drive to our airbnb took about 45 mins, which was enough time to take in the scenery. Honestly, it reminded us all of Africa … like home. Once we got settled in and got a feel of the area, we took a trip to the supermarket to get some groceries … and decided to have a BBQ for dinner. The night was chill whereby we all caught up, listened to music (the neighbours were not happy about our speakers lol), ate and played cards (side note: avoid playing Black Jack if you all know different versions lol) until we got tired and slept.

Day Two

So the day before, we decided to hire scooters (as in motorbikes) to use as a mode of transport. The three lads and Sarah decided they would ride it, and the rest of us girls will sit on the back – we thought! Since Sarah didn’t have her provisional license, we thought we could just use mine … rookie mistake. The staff wanted to see me ride the tester scooter. Let me give you some background history of my driving experience … I’ve only driven a bumper car lol lol lol. So not only do I not have any experience, but I have to pretend I do … on a scooter. They kinda sensed the unconfident vibes I was giving and taught me. I actually did well and could ride but I did not want to go on the road with cars. As for Sarah now, she fell twice so for the sake of our lives, I didn’t hire out the scooter. So it was taxi everywhere for us girls in the end. After that, we took a trip to the Marina where we went parasailing. This was a first for all of us and such a fun experience. Once you’re in the sky, there’s just this amazing energy of stillness which is so cool! After parasailing, we decided to play a game of bowling … guess who won?! Me. We then went home, freshened up and went to The Strip for dinner. The nightlife out there is debatable, so we didn’t end up clubbing. 

Day Three

We originally planned to go to a waterpark this day but since everyone decided to have a lie-in, plans changed. Instead, we decided to chill at the beach, which was beautiful and peaceful. After hours of chilling, life talks, dancing and playing in the sea, we decided to go back to the Marina. The girls and I decided to chill (talking as always), whilst the guys hired out some quad bikes to ride around. Then we played a bit of basketball until it was dinner time, which we had at the Marina. 

Day Four

We were more on-job this day at waking up since we’d purchased our waterpark tickets the day before. We went to the Aquashow Park Hotel Waterpark which was also a first for most of us. It was so much fun and I did not expect a rollercoaster to also be involved. Me and rides are not friends, so this is the day I almost lost my voice lol. After hours of going down multiple slides and rides, we decided to chill by the pool, basking and sleeping in the sun until it closed. Once we got home, we then decided to have a BBQ since it was our last night.

And that’s it folks. Honestly, this trip was soooo funny and I loved that my friends were down to come, even though it was pretty last minute. God knows where is next for us all?! Maybe somewhere in the Caribbean I hope lol. My next trip, however, is solo so no more squad holidays for awhile. Follow me on snapchat (monochrome-ego) to keep up with my shenanigans! Also, check out my instagram (@monochrome_ego) to see my mini-vlog.

Peace and love,

– Joanita