Make The Most Of Your Summer

Hey guys,

So for those who find themselves getting a little bored during their summer, I’ve got some tips for you! Now I’m gonna keep it real: I actually enjoy my summers because 1. they’re productive and 2. I plan them to a certain extent. Below are some tips to make some summer memories:

  1. Download and subscribe to apps/sites like Eventbrite, Time Out, Vice etc. – honestly, no matter what your budget is, there are always events going on (including free events which is always a plus). Even if it’s not an event you’re used to, it gives you a chance to try something different. 
  2. Chill in parks with your friends – this right here is definitely budget-friendly, especially if you’re a student. If your friends live local then that’s another plus so you can walk to your local park without any travel costs. Literally, take some speakers, snacks, a pack of cards (or anything that floats your boat) and chill in the park. You’ll even find that you may spend more time there than you intended and get lost in conversation (my friends and I are guilty of this!)
  3. Find out if there are any summer programs happening locally – your local paper, youth services, library etc. may be promoting some programs that you may overlook, but this is a good way to keep busy, develop a skill and meet new people. In the past, I’ve attended dance programs (of course), photography and blogging programs. In fact, my blog was actually birthed at a summer program!
  4. Develop a new skill – youtube is your bestfriend and there is enough time in the summer to develop a new skill. Summer is literally the best time to start since you’ve probably got more time on your hands!
  5. Concerts, festivals and open mics – these are always fun. No matter what your budget is, you can always attend some sort of live music. Now I’m not saying that you’ll get to go to a Beyonce concert for free (unless you win tickets), but open mics tend to be free. Some places tend to put on free gigs too!
  6. Netflix, netflix, netflix – there’s no better time to start a new series than in the summer when you’ve got more time on your hands!
  7. Online courses – again with developing a new skill, there are free courses online if you wanted to keep busy! 
  8. Roadtrips – okay so not everyone drives, but if it means taking a train to a random city then go ahead!
  9. Wander and get lost – I’ve lived in London my whole life and there are areas I’ve never been to! Summer is the best time to jump on a bus, get lost and discover a new area … you never know what you’ll come across or who you will meet!
  10. Last minute holiday getaways – there are always cheap tickets or package holidays up for grabs. If you have a good £150 to spare, you could book a weekend away to a close by country!

And that’s it folks. I hope this helps at least even one of you make your summer better. I believe that if you keep yourself busy, but also give yourself leeway for lie-ins and late nights, then you won’t get bored as easily. In fact, because I’m quite busy during the summer, I really cherish the days when I have no plans.

Peace and love,

– Joanita