Mid-Year Resolution Review

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Hey guys,

June has rapidly come to an end and if you’re not aware already, half the year has gone by already. It went by so quick and to me it feels like Christmas is round the corner! Not even going to lie, I have not been on top of my resolutions but I don’t believe that I can’t start now. To me, setting resolutions is actively noting how I’m going to “re-program” myself so if I set a goal, it’s not just for that particular year, but more so a lifetime change.

Below I’m going to outline some of my goals and review their progress:

  1. Dance (freestyle more and do foundation training): this has been a big fat fail. In fact, I’ve danced less than ever tbh, with my uni workload being an “excuse”. This is something I need to switch up asap and will need to actively schedule in my weekly timetable
  2. Photography (take more pictures and learn how to edit): this goal is probably the most successive since I’ve actively done both over the last six months and more frequently during the summer!
  3. Read a book a month: another big fat fail. I haven’t even completed one book this year and I’m supposed to be starting my 7th in July. It’s not that I haven’t been reading at all; it’s just that I’ve been reading textbooks for my course and not as a hobby
  4. Drink 2 litres of water a day: this has been sporadic but has been progressively getting better over time. Setting this goal, this not being the first year, I knew it was not going to be an overnight challenge; but by identifying it as something to work on, I have become better at it and have reached 2 litres on more occasions than before
  5. More awkward situations: I have definitely done this, with times where I scream at myself (in my head) whilst these situations unfold, but I do appreciate them. My most awkward situation is about to happen very shortly which you’ll find out about soon.

And that’s it folks. I feel like every now and then, it’s good to take a step back and review your progress because it enables you to identify weaknesses and areas of improvements; this avoids stagnation and invites personal development which is a win.

Thanks for reading,

– Joanita

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