INSPIRATION | Briana Shanée

(Disclaimer: all images belong to Briana and can be found on her social media platforms)

If it’s not evident already, a lot of women inspire me, one being Briana Shanée. Owner of Matte Brand and Working Girls, vlogger, had the likes of Keke Palmer and Kourtney Kardashian wear her brand, Briana’s work ethic inspires me to be my own boss. Below I’ll highlight how and why Briana inspires me:

  1. She is authentic! If you’ve watched her vlogs (visit her channel here), you can see the behind-the-scenes of Briana’s life and her personality really showcases for itself. She reminds me a lot of Rihanna in the sense that both women are not afraid to show who they are! Youtube has a lot of “tailored” personalities with many people doing what is considered “normal” just to fit in. Not Briana. In fact, you see her knocked out on her couch, chilling and smoking in her apartment, dealing with clients etc. That’s what draws me and probably the thousands of her other subscribers to her vlogs: her authenticity.
  2. She’s sexy … her instagram speaks for itself so  I don’t even need to elaborate on point!
  3. She exudes confidence – again, if you watch her vlogs, you will notice this in the way she carries herself and through all of her social media platforms. This is so relevant as a woman and as a boss and has probably contributed towards her success!
  4. She is a superwoman – honestly, the way she has developed her brand is incredible! From creating designs, sourcing materials, planning and executing shoots, scouting models, social media management etc. she really does it all (and of course with the help of her small team) but that wouldn’t be possible if she weren’t the leader she is!
  5. She’s fearless – the fact that she up and left her hometown, and settled into two different cities is amazing! It’s not easy to leave your home, family and friends and really try to start a career with endless uncertainties. But Briana is a living example that all is possible!

High key, whenever I watch Briana’s vlog, it really motivates me alot! She really deserves all the blessings she has and those on their way! If you don’t know about her brand already, I would definitely check it out (linked here)! For my Londoners, she’s looking to do a pop-up shop soon (how convenient now I’ve left London for the year … yet another L). I definitely need to get me a few Matte garments in my wardrobe!

Thanks for reading,

– Joanita