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Hey guys,

It’s probably not evident anymore but I love reading. As a child that was one thing I would get up to a lot. I remember the one time my mum actually came to the school book fair with me and let me pick a book to buy (I got ‘Bestfriends’ by Jacqueline Wilson). I got home and read the book straight away and finished it in under 2 hours. My mum was pissed lol! She was like “if you’re going to finish books that quick, what’s the point buying it?! … you’ll go to the library next time” haha. Unfortunately, I no longer have that drive 🙁

I wish I could be that 10 year old again but academics really had an impact. It’s not like I don’t read altogether … it’s just that I spend so much time reading textbooks and journals for my course that I no longer find the interest in the little spare time I have to read a book for leisure purposes. Besides, I no longer really read novels; that may also may be the cause of the lack in interest. Instead, I tend to read self-help and personal development-type books and though inspiring, it doesn’t exactly reap anticipation like a good novel does. That’s probably something I should work on … getting back into novels.

Anyways below I’m going to share my top three favourite books:

ONE: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This book is so good that I read it on a yearly basis. The first time I read it was in Uganda and I had it downloaded as a pdf file on my tablet. The story is so amazing that I actually bought a hardcopy and to this day, everytime I read it, I get something new from it. I have to give my props to Will Smith because he goes on about this book and I see why! I think I’m due to make my annual read of it since my journey right now can really relate to Santiago’s journey. This isn’t just any story … it drops so many gems and inspirational life affirmations. If you’ve read this, I would recommend you to read ‘The Pilgrimage’ aswell since it relates to ‘The Alchemist’ but with a twist to how it is written.

TWO: The Book of Women by Osho

If there is any book that has shaped my values by far, it has to be this one! This initiates deep-thought about your belief system and really challenges societal norms. If you’re open-minded, I would definitely give it a read and despite it referring to women in the title, this book is actually for both genders to read. In fact, I believe everyone should give it a read and take what they want from it. My props when it comes to Osho has to go to Willow Smith. Just before I headed out to New York in 2015, she told me to get into Osho and where to get his books from and it’s lucky that because you can’t actually get your hands onto his books in UK retailers (apart from Amazon).

THREE: The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T.Harv Eker

The only way I heard about this book was from Glyn Brown continuously raving about it on twitter and now I see why! If you’re into ‘Rich dad, poor dad’ or any similar books, you’ll enjoy this one! I love how blunt yet empathetic and personal this book is. It makes so much sense, especially if you’re trying to get out of the “poor” mentality and get to financial freedom. Rather than to tell you to buy 5 properties or trade etc. this book teaches you about your relationship with money and how to improve that relationship so you don’t fall into the working class cycle. Anyone can read this book and I would definitely say you should if you want to change your financial position. I bought this last year in New York but I’m due to read it again.

That’s it folks. I would love if some of you share your recommendations. I probably need to join some sort of reading club or something so I can be held accountable when it comes to reading for leisure.

Thanks for reading,

– Joanita


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