LIFE UPDATE: I moved abroad?

Hey guys,

It’s probably evident that consistency has not been happening here as of recent. I can’t apologise because I did anticipate it and to be honest, I’m surprised I’ve actually put content out. That being said, the reason behind my messed up schedule is that I have moved to Australia!

To be specific, I’ve moved to Melbourne in South Australia, allegedly the World’s most liveable city. I left London on 9th July to embark on this solo journey to Melbourne and now that I’m here, I will be sharing more about my experience. Unless I was in physical contact or consistent contact with someone, I didn’t really tell much people before coming, being that I didn’t feel the need to. The process was definitely not easy, especially since I had to deal with the transition whilst I was still in university, especially during exam period. Fun. I am here studying too so it’s not one of those gap years where I backpack and bartend for spare cash lol (although, I can incorporate that). 

I’ve pretty much settled in, now that is has been just over a month. I’m not going to say it’s easy to just up and leave your life behind (especially during my favourite season: summer), but I do enjoy the challenges it brings me. I’m one of those people that see the cup as half full so although there has been a number of trials and tribulations, it’s all character building (my favourite phrase lol).

Anyways, to wrap this post up, I will be sharing my experience, with my ‘first impressions’ post coming shortly. Note that it is actually winter here (and winter is definitely real here … as in its coats and hoodies weather), so my outfit posts that are all bright and colourful were shot in the UK. See, I did prepare for this transition by bulk shooting haha! Stay tuned for more about my move abroad in upcoming posts and subscribe to be notified!

Thanks for reading,

– Joanita