Uganda Tag

Hey guys,

So if the title doesn’t give it away already, I am of Ugandan heritage. I wasn’t born in Uganda but I am very thankful that I’m very much so in touch with my culture! That is something I plan on sharing with my future children and is something that has become more and more important to me as I’ve matured. 

To give you some background information, I have been to Uganda at least 5 times from what I can remember. My family originate from Masaka and Mityana, however, a lot of my family are based in Kampala, the capital city. My parents and my older sister were born in Uganda, however, they all migrated to the UK during my sister’s infant years. 

Anywho, I’m going to go right in with the tag questions:

1. What’s your favourite Ugandan food?

This one is so hard! There’s no one particular food but an array of foods. First and foremost, muchomo (bbq meat)! This is why I’m obsessed with BBQ’d meat! It doesn’t get better than muchomo! Other foods I love is chapatti, kachumbari, sambusa (samosa), binyewa (ground peanut stew). What I love the most about Ugandan dishes is that they’re generally healthy. In Uganda, most food is organic and cooked on wood-fire with minimal or no oil … which is a win when you want to over-indulge in the food!

2. What’s your favourite Ugandan artist?

I’m pretty backdated when it comes to Ugandan artists and music because I haven’t been in 3 years lol! But my favourite female artist is Juliana Kanyomozi and male/s is Radio and Weasel. I did also really like Clever J (I don’t know if he still makes music though?)

3. What’s your favourite Ugandan attire?

I’ve grown to actually like how gomesi’s look (however, I’ve never worn one). The other day I was literally visualising how I would design my own gomesi if I was to have a kwanjula (traditional wedding). Let’s just say, other people would be asking me to design theirs after!

4. What’s your favourite Ugandan phrase?

“Nja ku kyapa” (I will beat you!); you’d think that I would be scared of such a phrase but it used to crack me up so much! Shout out to my Aunty Eunice! This phrase would just pattern us up! 

5. What’s your least favourite Ugandan phrase?

My favourite phrase would make more sense as a response for this question but really I don’t have a least favourite phrase. To be honest, I love the sound of the language and the way it’s expressed!

6. What’s your best thing about being Ugandan?

Everything! From the food, to the language, to the traditional dancing!

7. What’s your least favourite thing about being Ugandan?

The rate of our beautiful country’s development!

8. Name a Ugandan person who inspires you

My Senga (aunty) Mary and my mother – they’re both strong, independent women who have instilled the courage and resilience in me to contest in the good fight!

9. What is the most standout/noticeable physical feature/s of Ugandans?

We all know that the Ugandan body, namely the booty, is very iconic lol! And our large foreheads (which I pride in!)

10. Do you speak Luganda?

Not fluently; I can say certain phrases and words but I’m still learning. I can hear and read it confidently though!

11. Introduce yourself/say something in Luganda

Nze Joanita (I am Joanita); my writing is pretty limited, contrary to being able to read it lol

12. What’s your favourite Ugandan song?

I can’t pinpoint one but:

Omwana Wa Bandi – Bobi Wine

Beera Nange – Toniks

Where You Are – Blu 3 (ft. Goodlyfe)

Potential – Radio & Weasel

13. What’s your clan?


14. Who is your favourite Ugandan youtuber?

This is hard but they’re all siblings lol: Leoni Joyce, Style With Substance and Cheekladnextdoor

All this Uganda talk really makes me want to go back home! Anyone want to sponsor my trip lol?! 

Thanks for reading! 

– Joanita