My Favourite Soundcloud Artists

Hey guys,

I feel like I don’t really speak much about music on my blog, despite LOVING music so much! If it weren’t for music, would I be a dancer?! I don’t know! But I do know that music touches me, especially the beats/production. I’m one of those people who can’t learn lyrics even if I listen to a song 19478302 times (sad but true), and that includes even my favourite songs lol. I generally get the vibe of a song from the production. The instruments, melody, the tone of the voices on the song is what caresses my soul, so that’s how I catch the vibe. That being said, even though I do believe music can have an impact on your mood, I don’t think listening to Chief Keef is going to necessarily fuel me to “blow New Jersey up!”. Anywho, I listen to a whole range of music from Enya and Jeffrey Osborne to Afrigo Band; I just love good music lol. 

One of my favourite sources for dope music is definitely Soundcloud. I come across too many gems on there and have fallen in love with some artists. A lot of them have now got music on more platforms other than Soundcloud but I love listening to their music where I found them. So here it is, my favourite Soundcloud artists:


If you haven’t come across Elhae at this point, I really don’t know for you! I found out about Elhae through dance since his music was being choreographed and danced to in the studio. From there, I was hooked on everything of his. He has this distinctive style of rnb whereby you can tell its him on a track even before knowing who it is! His projects have always been so well put together, from the production, to the lyrics, to the album art! My favourite project of his will have to be ‘All Have Fallen’ – I can’t even give you a favourite song because there’s way too many! I just hope he doesn’t stop making music because he’s genuinely very talented and his music showcases some sort of authenticity and vulnerability through his lyrics.


TyUs is a gem to the rnb world. When people dismiss current music and say nothing tops 90s rnb music, then they obviously haven’t heard of TyUs. The beats behind is music is different from the typical rnb track, and along with his vocals, his music is just so him! He really is defining new school rnb and in a really good way. There’s so much emotion in his voice that you’ll even feel like you’re going through what he is too lol! I realised this after listening to ‘Count On Me’, which is my favourite track by him! 

Yo Trane

The biggest shocking factor about Yo Trane is that he’s french! Not that it’s a bad thing at all, but when I came across his music, I just assumed he must be from Toronto or Atlanta because that’s where I associate sick rnb artists with. I was actually excited that he’s french because he’s really putting them on the map for this style of music. I love his sound so much and I know he has potential to blow! He really has this feel good, cruising down the PCH type of music and I love it! 


If you want to listen to music by a multi-faceted bundle of talent, Masego is your man! First off, he plays the sax. There’s something about a guy who can play the sax. If that’s not enough to convince you, he plays a whole load of instruments and sings! You already know God spent more time on him because he is just blessed with a load of talent! And his style … so different! He calls it ‘Trap House Jazz’ and he’s the only person that really can call their music that because I’ve never heard anything like it. And he’s just a cool dude altogether (I recommend that you follow him on twitter too!)

Bobii Lewis

All my Londoners, this is your guy to support! I can’t really box Bobii’s style because I feel as if it has a lot of influences from a plethora of styles. Needless to say, his style and most definetly, his vocals are amazing. He has a very, very distinctive voice which just touches your soul. To this day, I really rinse out “Day by Day” because there’s something about the song that really touches a nerve (weird, but amazing at the same time). I really hope he continues releasing music and I get to see him live when I’m back in London! 

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and I’ve put you on some dope artists. 

I’ve also put together some playlists including their music and some other sick songs/artists I’ve come across on my soundcloud, which I’ve linked below. Please, if you have some suggestions that you think I should check out, then I’m so down, just comment below!

– Joanita