TRAVEL DIARY | Sydney Day One + Two

Hey guys,

So if you have me on snapchat already (monochrome-ego), then you would’ve probably seen the geofilter on my snaps with ‘Sydney’. Of course being in Australia for a year meant I had to visit Sydney … it’s cheaper than flying on another occasion from London lol. Because I’m still in uni, I couldn’t stay there as long as I wanted to, but that doesn’t mean I won’t visit again before I go back to London next year. In total, I was there for four nights.


So I opted for an afternoon flight because I generally don’t enjoy flying in the early morning (since it involves travelling during the night to the airport). The flight was actually pretty short: just over an hour long. By the time I settled, we were already getting ready to land … not that I’m complaining. It’s funny because when I was younger I would enjoy flying. Now, I wish I could teleport to my destination! I went with my friend Makaila, and our friend Sydney came on an evening flight. Because we arrived earlier, Makaila and I checked into our airbnb, went to Woolworths for some snacks and freshened up. Now we did plan to go into the CBD for dinner but the way Australia is set up, the city sleeps … literally! My trustee app, Yelp, is my go-to for dining recommendations when I’m in a new place but a lot of the places were closing at 9pm. Mind you, we were checking Yelp just after 8pm. Great timing! Luckily, the area we were in was a newly developed estate, which had some independent restaurants. We opted for Camy’s and I finally ate a chicken schnitzel burger … divine! Now I see what the hype is about chicken schnitzel (even though I still don’t know the difference between a chicken schnitzel and a regular breaded chicken breast lol). The staff in Camy’s were super nice and played some good songs (mate, they played Burna Boy in a whole Australia!). After that we went to Woolies for some breakfast groceries and went back to the apartment to chill.


As always, I wanted to go on a walking tour – I just find that they give you great history and information about the area, as well as give you a sense of where the hotspots are. Unfortunately, walking tours tend to start early in the morning (can’t complain when they are free though!). The tour took place in the CBD and we got to see the malls, the harbour bridge, the opera house and other monuments. Our guide was super nice and really well articulate for such a young person (she was a student majoring in history). After the tour, we wandered around the Sunday market and then walked along the harbour bridge to view the city. It was really nice and the bridge is much bigger than I thought! After that, we went to the mall to check out Forever 21 since there’s only 3 branches in Australia (not yet in Melbourne though) and I wanted to also pick up the Fenty Beauty foundation from Sephora (screw you shade 420 for being sold out in both Melbourne and Sydney). Fortunately in Sydney, ferries are part of public transport so we decided to take the ferry to Manly, where we ended up having dinner. We opted for some Thai food since we hadn’t had that yet over here. None of us could finish our food; it was way too much lol! After that, we met my friend Thuvi who I study with in the UK. She’s doing her year abroad in Sydney and it was so good to catch-up with her (and hear a British accent too lol). We literally chatted the night away until going home.

Thanks for reading!

Outfit details can be found on my instagram (@monochrome_ego) – I may or may not be putting up a vlog too shortly!

– Joanita