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Hey guys,

So for awhile, I’ve wanted to introduce an ‘interviews’ element to my blog; personally I love reading and watching interviews. Not only do I find them interesting, but they inspire me in different ways. I had a number of people I wanted to interview, with Nia being one! I told her about this last summer during her hair event and thankfully she was still down to answer the questions, despite me taking over a year to get onto it! 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any images; they were all found via google and facebook.

So for those who don’t know who Nia (also known as ‘frogirlginny’) is, she is a 20-year old, social media influencer and is internationally known for her curly fro. She has been gracing the natural hair world with tips, inspiration and love by throwing events and bringing women together to celebrate their natural hair. Nia is also known for her colourful and vibrant travel journeys that she documents on her instragram and youtube, visiting places such as South Africa, Guadeloupe and Bali. Despite being born and raised in London, Nia embraces her Zimbabwean roots, educating her followers on her cultural background! I’m honoured to have been able to interview Ginny, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

1 | Briefly explain your journey to becoming a social media influencer

I began posting on IG sharing pictures of my hair journey, filming fun videos and connecting with other women.

2 | Where do you want to see your career heading to in the upcoming years?

That is actually something that is evolving very soon so it’s a surprise. Nia The Light will be taking over!

3 | Do you know what triggered your recent slump?

I became too focused on my brand that I forgot to enjoy life; instead I was enjoying it through filming or taking pictures which ultimately became a very unhealthy obsession. If I wasn’t documenting then I would feel sad; this led me to totally view life and the internet completely differently. It’s not a necessity for me anymore, I can live without it.

4 | What strategies have you used recently to help build up your self-love and confidence?

Being with my friends; unfortunately I haven’t been able to be physically with them but I’ll FT them all the time and speak to my Dad if I need to laugh as his jokes are so funny; I’ll speak to my Mum if I need to hear the truth as she doesn’t hold back. 

5 | Have you noticed any issues within the natural hair movement?

Plenty but I tend to focus on the positive.

6 |Where do you want to see the natural hair movement head to in the upcoming years?

I want to see every shade of brown represented, I want to see every curl “type” on a billboard.

7 | How has the transition to vegan/plant-based diet been?

Amazing! It is so fun trying new foods.

8 | Is there anything you miss now that you’re vegan?

My Dad’s British sausage sandwich & chicken curry.

9 | If you could get a an all-inclusive roundtrip to 3 countries for free, where would you go?

Hmm … Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Brazil.

10 | How would you describe your personal style. Who/what influences your style?

My wardrobe doesn’t have 1 style; some days I am super girly with lots of pastel colours and some days I am a little more chill with sweats and sneakers. I am heavily inspired by Hilary Banks, old pictures of my Mum & Solange Knowles.

11 | You can only buy your outfits from 4 stores for the next year. What 4 stores would you choose?

Forever 21, Zara, Marshalls & Nasty Gal

12 | Beyonce or Rihanna?

Both! I’m not for competition against women. 

13 | Who is your woman crush?

Hmm! My best friend Shaay, Elsa, Loz the Libra, Taffy Msipa, Shanae! All my girlsssss!!!!

14 | Nigerian or Ghanaian jollof?

AHHH!!! I could never pick.

15 | What skill or hobby do you want to get into?


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this new segment to my blog!

Listed are the places you can find and follow Ginny:

Instagram: Nia The Light
Twitter: Frogirlginny
Youtube: Frogirlginny
Facebook: Frogirlginny
Tumblr: Frogirlginny

– Joanita