Month: November 2017


Hi guys, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to those who celebrate this day.  And to those who don’t, it never hurts to acknowledge our gratitude to people and things we are thankful for … which this post is about to do!  I’m not sure if thanksgiving is just an American thing, but I know it definitely isn’t a …

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Why I Started Blogging

Hey guys, So I get asked this question a lot, along with the most common question “what does monochrome ego mean?” (explanation coming soon-ish). I know there are a number of common reasons people start blogging, or creating other forms of content, including collaborating with brands, getting free products, sharing information etc. Personally, I started blogging for myself. …

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Hey guys, So finally I’m on my summer holiday (weird I know but the Australian academic year runs from February to November). Anyways, that means I can focus more on producing content, along with other stuff I want to get into (namely dance!).  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a wishlist but honestly, clothing-wise, there’s nothing …