TRAVEL DIARY | Sydney Day Three + Four

Hey guys,

Talk about a cliffhanger. Feels like ages ago since I posted my first half of my Sydney diary and even longer since I went to Sydney! The months are zooming by honestly … we’re basically in 2018! I’m just going to go straight in with the last days of my trip to Sydney:


Since we knew that the temperature will reach about 30 degrees, we saved this day for the beach! The one thing I love about Australian heat is that it’s tolerable and feels good … completely different from London’s heat which feels like you’re trapped on the Central line. First we headed to the famous Bondi Beach. What a scene! The beach is so lovely, as well as the cliffs lining up the coast. There was so many people already on the beach and much to my surprise, in comparison to Melbourne, there was a lot of tourists! I came across so many European backpackers which so far, is a rarity in Melbourne. We chilled for some time, soaking in the sun and taking some pictures (as always lol). After that we did the coastal walk to Coogee Beach. Not going to lie, I thought it would take like 30 minutes (my feet felt the biggest shocker of life lol!). I can’t exactly remember how long it took us but it was definitely over an hour’s walk. BUT it was so so beautiful. Honestly, apart from fighting the pesky flies of Sydney, I was in awe of the scenery! It just reminded me why I loved geography and I even got to see things I had learnt in geography but hadn’t seen in person like the crystalline sedimentary rock faces of the cliffs. I’m a geographer at heart if you didn’t know so this walk definitely excited me! It also reminded me of my dad since he loves everything Australia and seeing the landscape just made me realise that I definitely need to bring my dad out here! We got to Coogee beach in the early evening and met my friend Thuvi there. We chilled for a short while on the beach and then headed for dinner. Of course being that we’re by the sea front, we opted for some fish and chips. There was a local, small independent chippy nearby and no word of a lie, that was the best fish and chips I’ve ever had! And it was so cheap! It was even too much food and none of us finished it lol! After that, we decided to head home and chill for the rest of the night!


This was my last full day in Sydney. My friends were heading back to Melbourne this day but I had opted to leave the next morning. Since Makaila’s flight was early, she stayed in and headed straight for the airport. Since Sydney’s flight was in the evening, we decided to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art. It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve really gone to a museum or gallery so this was something I wanted to do and I’m glad I did. There was one exhibition that I loved especially by an Australian artist: Hilarie Mais. Her artwork is everything I love! She uses geometry to create these amazing canvases! Honestly, if any of you have a chance to see her work, you’ll be amazed by the detailing! Also, there was a short film being displayed in the museum regarding some sort of riots/opposition against the police on a Pacific Island by the aboriginal people. Despite it being so long ago and life being so different from 1st world countries such as the US and UK, it was saddening to see the same things happen even in places as remote as these islands!

After the museum, we decided to go to a souvenir shop to get some goodies. I got more ‘Sydney’ based artefacts since I still have a good 8 months to get ‘Australia’ themed goodies. From there, we decided to take a stroll through the botanical gardens and my oh my was it huge! We barely covered even 25% of it since it was huge and time was going! But from what we did see, it looked really nice, especially with the water and wildlife contained in it! Also, the trees in there looked so magical! They had some that looked like the ones you see in animated movies when they have “enchanted woods”! Since Sydney had her flight coming up, we headed back to the airbnb; Sydney left and I chilled for like 40 minutes. I then changed and went to a dance class at a studio and from there I went to watch the light show at the Opera House which was nice! By then I was super tired and everything was pretty much closing, so I grabbed a pizza at Dominoes and headed back to the airbnb. I sleep for a couple hours and then had to leave in the early morning to head back to Melbourne.

And that’s it folks.

Overall, I loved my time in Sydney. The vibes is so different compared to Melbourne. I can’t say which city is better since they give me different vibes. Sydney gives me more LA/California vibes whereas Melbourne is like Shoreditch and Liverpool Street but on a larger scale lol. I hope I do get to back there before I go back to the UK since there is so much more I need to see!

Thanks for reading!

– Joanita

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