Hey guys,

So finally I’m on my summer holiday (weird I know but the Australian academic year runs from February to November). Anyways, that means I can focus more on producing content, along with other stuff I want to get into (namely dance!). 

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a wishlist but honestly, clothing-wise, there’s nothing I really really want. What makes it worse is that I’m getting A/W inspiration whilst I’m heading into summer lol (not that I’m complaining about the heat lol). Over the years I’ve just adjusted my wardrobe to buying more basic, staple pieces that I can wear multiple ways. So I’m always stocking up on black tees, black dresses, jeans etc. The items I like to play with is coats, shoes and accessories (mostly bags), which I hope is pretty evident in my outfit posts.

Even though I’ve curated this wishlist, it’s nothing I’m dying for and quite frankly about 90% of the items will not get purchased (but donations are gladly welcomed *coughs* … my birthday is soon lol). 

1 | iPhone

First of all, I don’t actually want another iPhone but I have a macbook so it makes everything work easier AND Google keep losing my Pixel in the post (hi Google, I will gladly promote your phone since I’ve been wanting it forever but don’t have the funds for it). Anyways, I’m torn between the 7+ and 8. Most likely I’ll get the 7+ because the whole glass screen thing scares me. When I get the phone is another question. My current 6 is on life-support at the moment and most likely won’t make it to 2018. Sad times.

2 | Fenty Puma SS17 Collection

When I saw Rihanna wear this hoodie, I knew this was an instant concept: a brown tracksuit. I’ve been wanting brown things for a really long time because it looks good against brown skin. Apart from a brown leotard, everything else brown has been an utter fail in finding. I just want a brown tracksuit, brown bodycon dress and brown unitard, then I’ll be content lol.

3 | Nike Air Max 97 x UNDFTD

One thing I’ve just realised is that a collab with Undefeated is going to draw my attention. The first one that I’m still pissed that I couldn’t get my hands on (they didn’t want to stock size 5 … how size-ist?!), was the Adidas x Bape x UNDFTD superstars, namely the cobalt blue ones. To think I even woke up on time, ready for the EU drop, only to see that they started at size 6. Rude. Anywho, I was never the person that really liked trainers like the Air Max 97’s and TN’s but the way they’ve been styled this year has really caught my eye. And they just remind me of British culture so I feel like I need to invest in a pair.

4 | Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation

It’s November and my shade (420) is still sold out. I tried copping it in both Melbourne and Sydney and have been on the waiting list ever since. Disrespect. I’ve been hearing great reviews on it and I want my life to be snatched too … besides I have to support Rihanna because Rihanna.

5 | Holiday

Since I’m here in Australia, I vowed to myself to take a trip to at least one foreign country. Being here is a blessing in itself and I still can’t believe it! So no, I’m not one of those privileged people who will spend my entire 4 months travelling South East Asia and the Pacific Islands; but I do hope I can take a solo trip somewhere for my birthday. That way, it knocks out a couple goals: 1. take a solo trip and 2. go to one foreign country and 3. celebrate my birthday and most importantly 4. go to a country with plantain

6 | Supreme Logo Tape Puffer Jacket

I saw this jacket at the start of the year and fell in love … up until I saw the price. It’s just beautiful and just adds to a staple puffer jacket. They also did it in cobalt blue and I’ve been wanting a cobalt blue puffer jacket … shame it’ll take me an arm and leg to purchase it.

7 | Plantain

If you haven’t noticed already, my life sort of revolves around food. I’m unapologetically a foodie, and I’m proud. That being said, Australia is clueless about plantain and to make matters worse, fruit, veg etc. has to be locally sourced … as in, you can’t import produce from elsewhere. I never thought I would miss plantain this much but when every Jack and Joe wants to put it all over twitter and snapchat, of course I’ll miss it! When I arrive back in London, my first meal has to have plantain by force!

8 | Air Force 1 x Supreme

I’m not even a Supreme fiend but Supreme’s collaborations this year have really done it for me. I’ve been wanting to re-invest into some Air Force 1s … with the all-white ones being the strongest contender. But once these dropped I wanted to get these instead because I’m extra af. Also, I love the writing detailing. Even if it weren’t Supreme, I just like the whole concept of writing on shoes. It’s become even more popular with the Nike x Off-White collaboration that has graced social media.

9 | Supreme x Louis Vuitton

This post has really made me come across as a Supreme hypebeast but again, their collabs this year have been good. This one in particular, the entire collection had me! I already knew it was going to be way out of budget but if I could get something, it would be a bag. The backpack looks beautiful but it’ll probably be bigger than my entire existence … same for the travel weekender bag lol. I just want to appreciate it though because it looks really nice!

And that’s it folks. As you can tell, this wishlist has a lot of unrealistic things that I won’t be purchasing … if you want my paypal though, listen, I can give that out freely! Hopefully the holiday does happen; the phone will have to happen eventually and I pray I can get the foundation. The food will definitely be in my possession at some point next year and everything else, is very unlikely that I will get (sad times).

Hope you liked this post!

– Joanita