Why I Started Blogging

Hey guys,

So I get asked this question a lot, along with the most common question “what does monochrome ego mean?” (explanation coming soon-ish). I know there are a number of common reasons people start blogging, or creating other forms of content, including collaborating with brands, getting free products, sharing information etc.

Personally, I started blogging for myself.

I’m a person who likes working on something all the time. Regardless of where any venture ends up, so many lessons are learnt along the way; so by creating content, not only has it enabled me to learn new skills, but it has also allowed me to learn about myself and grow using a different route. One important factor that blogging has allowed me to identify is my patience. There are so many roadblocks, with my transfer from wordpress.com being my major one along this journey. The easy route out would be to stop blogging already but I really stuck it out and made it work.

Because it’s more of a personal reason, if anyone ever reads my blog, I’m so appreciative. The fact that someone takes time out of their day to actually look at my content amazes me and I’m forever thankful for those who do. If you get something out of the random stuff I post, I’m glad that! I love connecting with people, so if there is ever a point in time where my blog brings me the opportunity to connect with anyone who reads it, that’ll be so sick!

Where do I see this blog going? hmmm. I just want to focus on improving my content (and that goes with my other social media platforms that are in-line with my blog). My blog has really enabled me to delve into photography and given me a reason to buy a camera. Slowly, I’ve gotten into editing so it’s all baby steps but it’s most definitely growth. In terms of video content, I don’t see myself making a youtube channel as of now. Fun fact: about 5 years ago, my friends and I used to vlog. I’ve actually been involved in producing content for a very long time beyond my blog, so I understand the effort it requires. I get asked if I’ll ever vlog fully for a youtube channel since I make mini-vlogs for my insta. Personally it depends on my mood. Most of the time when I vlog, its because I’m excited about upcoming events so the effort to pick up a camera is diminished. But that excitement comes during certain times i.e. when I went to the Bahamas, that was a relaxing break so picking up a camera would be the last thing I would want to do. But who knows, maybe I will eventually delve into youtube fully, but as for now, blogging it is.

Thanks for reading,

– Joanita