Hey guys,

This is a different post and topic but it struck to me after I was listening to the #HimVsHer podcast (I recommend everyone get into this podcast because it’s funny and good to hear different perspectives on topics). Anywho, in one of their episodes they touched on the topic of dealbreakers and I clocked how I haven’t really thought about what I would consider a dealbreaker. It’s taken me some thought but here are some of mine:

  1. Lack of emotional intelligence – a guy that dismisses your emotions, especially when you’re down is a big no. “It’s not that deep” type of response can be detrimental towards your mental health and just goes to show that that person isn’t one to open up to … if that’s the case, what’s the point of the relationship?! Also, one who doesn’t like displaying their own emotions … what you doing?!
  2. No manners – things like burping and not saying “excuse me” etc. are just off-putting and once something like that annoys me the first time, it will aggravate me every other time lol
  3. Not a family man – in the sense that, they would care more for themselves than their family’s wellbeing. For example, if I was dating someone and they care to show off their money to me, meanwhile their mother is struggling with bills, that’s just so off-putting and goes to show that their pride and ego is more important.
  4. PRIDE – I think Kendrick Lamar can agree on this one. We all have some sort of pride, but if that pride can’t be limited for the ones you love then issa no from me. If one has too much pride to even apologise for the smallest things, then I already know we won’t work!
  5. Bad nails – can’t stand guys with overly short nails (to the point where their skin overlaps … that’s butters); also, that whole long, pinky finger nail thing has to go! And, dirty nails are a red flag too!
  6. Bad communicator – to be honest, I doubt it would go far if communication is bad because this is a really important factor to me!
  7. Excessive smoking – cigarettes is a no from me. Weed is not much of a big deal to me but a great dependence on it can be dealbreaker.
  8. Insecurity – everyone is insecure about something, that’s just life so that’s not a problem. The problem is when someone puts their insecurity onto you. A guy who is insecure about what I’m wearing, who my friends are, my whereabouts etc. in regards to, the “competition” they feel it brings is a deal breaker. If I’ve chosen you in the first place, why must you feel like your position is threatened?
  9. Excessive hyper-masculinity  – not being to do or say certain things because it’s not “man enough” is immature.
  10. Unambitious – can’t be around a bummy person to be honest!

There are probably more dealbreakers that I can’t think of. Generally, I know everyone is flawed and that I can easily get over, as well as compromise. Overall, if too many dealbreakers are ticked, I don’t see any point in the relationship going anywhere!

And that’s it for today folks lol!

– Joanita