Top 10 Moments of 2017

Hey guys,

Pretty much during the entire year I’ve very reflected over great moments, especially with snapchat capturing some of them. However, now is the time of year everyone is in a reflective mood. I’m going to dive right into it and share some of my favourite moments this year (not in chronological order): 

1. My birthday weekend – I have a whole post on what went down here, but despite the chaos leading up to my birthday party, I thoroughly enjoyed the night of my party. Also, ending it with a weekend trip to Barcelona was a great way to catch up with my girls and taught me that travelling on 1 hours sleep is NOT the one!

2. Drake concert – don’t shoot me but I am not the biggest, die-hard Drake fan. However, I had to see him live eventually and have been putting it off for years! I finally gave in and saw him live in Melbourne with my Bostonian friend, Makaila, and honestly that was one of the best shows I’ve seen live. I would do it all over again. I even gave in and bought the concert tee afterwards! 

3. Algarve Trip – If you have me on any other social media platforms, you’ve probably seen the pictures, vlog and snaps of my getaway to Algarve (south of Portugal) with my friends in May. It was so fun, chill and funny and I would do it all again with the same group of people! If I could go back to any particular moment, it would easily be to the when we were in Faro airport waiting for Theo’s arrival.

4. Surprise Leaving Party – so my fabulous friends (led by best friend, Jackie) organised a surprise leaving BBQ a week before I left the UK for Australia. To this day I can’t believe it happened and I’m so grateful for every single one of them. Not only did I get to see friends that I hadn’t seen in years (legit since secondary school), I also had newer friends come by too which was so nice of everyone! Shoutout to the twins for hosting it in their house/garden too and for everyone that participated in any way! 

5. Day at the park – this is another day where pictures and videos were posted everywhere. In the lead up to my departure, I tried to squeeze in as much time as I could with my friends; so, I invited a bunch of friends to the park and bought some snacks and we all chilled, listened to some music, danced, played cards and took loads of pics! 

6. OutcheaX – this is a bar crawl rave that happens in Birmingham and this year it fell on the day of Paola’s birthday. All I can say is that, that was a very lit night!

7. Sydney Trip – just being able to visit Sydney, Australia, seeing monuments that you really only ever see on TV and only dream of visiting was something I’m very, very grateful for! The beaches/coastline is so so beauty and it was also great seeing my friend, Thuvi, who goes to my university in the UK

8. Kehlani concert – this was my first time going to a concert alone and was actually so fun! Before I even got into the venue, I made some friends and these girls were so lit! The show itself was so good, I would pay for it again and I’m glad I got my hand of some tickets despite it selling out before I came to Australia

9. Family sendoff – the night before I left the UK, I had family around my house and we feasted and partied and it was just a nice moment! I am craving for the meal I had that night … I always look at the snap of it every once in a while!

10. Amor Night – so my girls and I decided to go clubbing one summer’s night in London with Riordan and Reuben and overall, that was a lit night!

And that’s it folks! 

I thank everyone I’ve been able to share my favourite moments with and more importantly, those who have actually been with me through the non-favourable moments!

Here’s to 2018 and many more lituations!

– Joanita