The Foreword

Hey guys,

First of all, thank you so much for those who have been rocking with me till this point. It’s 2018 and to be honest, I can’t believe I’m still blogging and how much my content has improved since my early days!

I only hope for the rest of 2018 to witness growth so I will be always finding ways to improve my content. With that being said, I get so many people asking me if I have a youtube channel since I post vlogs on instagram. I do have a channel but I’ve never wanted it to be my primary platform to put out content. So previously I have put out videos on there but also embedded them into my blog posts. That being said, it’s never been consistent … it’s usually a one-off so I have to be in the creative mood to want to shoot and edit a video. Luckily in the last year and a bit I have taken an interest in learning more editing skills hence why I’ve been putting out more insta vlogs. Since more and more people keep asking if I have a youtube channel, this year I’ve decided I will post longer vlogs on youtube since I usually capture A LOT of content. It will probably start off slowly since uni is starting again soon. Here and there I will post travel vlogs (with my 1st one coming out shortly) and during the summer I’ve decided to start another vlog series along with my friends since it is what I usually get the most feedback about!

In addition to content creation, I’ll also be working on other areas of content such as improving my photography. If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve added a page called ‘archives’ with some portfolios I’ve slowly started building up as I’ve delved into photography.

Generally, my intentions for the year is to continue growing and making connections. Hopefully during the summer I can host a meetup where young people can meet, network and connect because I love meeting other people and feel like people have interesting stories to tell and perspectives that contribute towards building an open mind and emotional intelligence! So fingers crossed that can happen but if not, at least my vlogs!

So here’s to growing and glowing in 2018!

– Joanita

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