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So a lot of people didn’t know but for my birthday (January 24th), I decided to take a solo trip up to Queensland, a state up north from Victoria where I’m at. Not only was it a holiday, but it was a way for me to finally try out solo tripping and be out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t so scared prior to the trip since I’m already in Australia and because I knew that I’ll be busy so I wouldn’t be bored; in fact, my only concern was “who’s going to take my pictures?”

So a couple weeks prior, I booked my flight up to Brisbane, Queensland for Tuesday 16th January and my return for Saturday 20th January. Originally my plan was to walk around Brisbane on the Tuesday since I was arriving in the late afternoon. Then I wanted to do touristic activities in Brisbane on the Wednesday, spend Thursday at Fraser Island and Friday at Gold Coast then return home on Saturday. That plan was quickly squashed when I found out that I couldn’t do the 1-day tour to Fraser Island since everyone else on that day was staying overnight. So, I was upgraded to the 2-day tour, meaning that I wouldn’t have a whole day at the Gold Coast.

Day One

So on the Tuesday, because my flight wasn’t too early, I finished my packing, ate, partied in my room a little before heading to the airport. The flight was like under 2 hours so I just napped the whole time. Arriving to Brisbane, I first went to my hostel to put my luggage down before heading out. This was my first hostel experience and it wasn’t as bad as the connotation placed with hostels. The room was clean and the bed was actually really comfortable. I was in a 4-bed ensuite female dorm. The location of the hostel was like a 15 minute walk from the main CBD which made travelling easy. Shortly after putting my luggage down, I headed to the North Quay terminal to catch the CityHopper ferry to the Kangaroo Point Cliff since this is a popular destination to watch the sunset. The ferry trip was short but really nice to see the skyline of Brisbane. Once I got to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, I just watched the sunset and observed the city whilst taking some pictures. I must say, Brisbane is a very beautiful city and I love how much greenery they embedded within its modern infrastructures.

Afterwards, I walked along the riverside towards South Bank. Along the riverside there are botanical gardens, a street beach and other beautiful sites. There was also a lot of people jogging along the riverside and playing music through boomboxes which was cool. As the sky darkened, the city lit up with the bridges, buildings and gardens emitting beautiful lighting. Whoever landscaped this city really did a great a job. Since I spent a long time walking and observing the city, by the time I was back in the CBD most places had closed so I just opted for the usual Maccas before heading back to the hostel to sleep.

Day Two

Since I no longer had a day to go to just the Gold Coast, I decided to merge it with my Brisbane day (sounds impossible but I made it happen). Since I had merged two day’s plans into one, I had to set out early. Around 8:30am, I headed out to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – the largest koala sanctuary in Australia. Side note: I’m not an animal person and I’m shook of most animals. As much as I’m scared of animals, seeing a koala isn’t exactly a normal occurrence in other countries so I had to really step out of my comfort zone and pluck the courage to visit, with the intention of holding one for a picture. I didn’t expect the place to be so huge and actually have other animals other than koalas. So in the end, I saw snakes, kookaburras, cockatoos and more. One of the most shocking moments was when I walked towards a cage with a cockatoo in it and it said ‘hello’ to me! I couldn’t believe it! There’s also a large field at the sanctuary full of kangaroos which you could pet and feed. I was legit chilling with kangaroos haha!

After my visit to the sanctuary, I headed back into the city to visit GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art). From there I walked through South Bank to see it during the day, grabbed an ice cream and relaxed for a short while. Then I caught a train to the Gold Coast. Once I arrived to Robina station, I took a bus to Broadbeach. The beach there was lovely with its fine, white sand. I just chilled on the beach for a while and dipped my feet into the ocean. From there I went to Surfers Paradise. I loved the vibes out there, it was pretty busy but had cool, summer party vibes. I grabbed a lamb kebab there for dinner and it was the best thing ever! That was the best kebab I’ve ever had! I then got myself a pistachio gelato, walked the promenade through the market stalls and looked out to the ocean. I then decided to head home since I had to be up super early for my Fraser Island tour the next morning.

Stay tuned for day three and for and finally, I’m putting out vlogs longer than 1 minute onto youtube so here’s my Queensland vlog:


– Joanita

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