About Me

It has taken four years of ‘coming soon’ before I’ve actually written anything here lol *face palms*

It’s always when you’re on the spot to talk about yourself when you “forget” who you are lol! 

I’m a 22-year old international business student, born and raised in London, England.

Currently, I’m residing in Melbourne, Australia (July 2017 – June 2018)


My main interests are dance, travel and food (it shouldn’t even take you about 3 posts in to realise I’m obsessed with Jack Daniel Wings and Rubicon Passion Fruit lol)

I’m all for personal development, knowledge enhancement and mind expansion (hence why I sometimes have some “wayward” views/concepts lol)

Despite my blog name having the word “monochrome” in it, I’m all for colour (evidently in my outfit posts lol)

“Home is where the heart is” right?! … In that case, home is: London (first and foremost), Brooklyn, NY and Kampala, Uganda (and currently Melbourne, Australia)

… That being said, I am of Ugandan heritage (big up all my East Africans lol)

I’m a sucker for bags (especially small, boxy shoulder bags), shoes and jackets; I do love experimenting with colour and textures in my outfits too!

This ‘about me’ page probably gives you an idea of how random I am lol, but if not, I’ll let my blog posts do the rest of the speaking!

Any enquiries and collaborations, email me here: contact@monochrome-ego.com

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