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  • IN THE MIND | Fro Girl Ginny

    Hey guys, So for awhile, I’ve wanted to introduce an ‘interviews’ element to my blog; personally I love reading and watching interviews. Not only do I find them interesting, but they inspire me in different ways. I had a number of people I wanted to interview, with Nia being one! I told her about this last […]

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  • INSPIRATION | Briana Shanée

    (Disclaimer: all images belong to Briana and can be found on her social media platforms) If it’s not evident already, a lot of women inspire me, one being Briana Shanée. Owner of Matte Brand and Working Girls, vlogger, had the likes of Keke Palmer and Kourtney Kardashian wear her brand, Briana’s work ethic inspires me […]

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  • 5 Women Who Inspire Me

    Hey guys, As you should know, March is Women’s History Month, with March 8th being a particularly special day since we celebrate International Women’s Day. To be honest, I was amazed with the amount of buzz it had all over social media this year and I’m glad it did because it’s important to celebrate our amazingness […]

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    (Disclaimer: all images of Leomie Anderson are from crackedchinacup.com; every other image was found via tumblr) ONE| Rihanna: Do I need to say much. The pictures literally say it all. This ICONIC (yes, I went there) style queen definitely influences my style. Rihanna is one of those people who can wear a bin bag and […]

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  • INSPIRATION| Willow Smith

    In honour of her birthday (aka Willoween), it’s only right I share with you guys why Willow Smith inspires me. Regardless of her age (as in she’s younger than me), I definitely look up to this goddess. Here’s why: She exudes love. What I mean is that she digs deeper than societies idea of love. […]