2016 Resolutions | January Review

Hey guys, I’m finally all ready to keep CONSISTENTLY blogging (I’m putting it out there to avoid the shame of not blogging haha). Judging from the self-explanatory title, you’re probably thinking “let’s see what she’s up to” or “ugh, another one of them new year, new me type of people”. Personally I feel like setting …

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B I R T H D A Y | Chapter 20

Hey guys, My little break is over and for those who’ve been on my blog before, have realised that I’ve revamped it a lil (hence the delay in posts). Anyway’s as you’ve probably gathered from the title, it was my birthday (Jan 24th) and I’ve finally hit my 20s. A couple months ago, all I …

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2015 | Reflections

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 2015 has been one hell of a year. Personally, I felt it went very fast but then also, very long because the events I encountered in the beginning of the year (circa Jan-April) seem like distant memories that are over a year old! Anyways, though a lot of people are saying …

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