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  • The Realities of Anxiety

    Hey guys, So this post is pretty┬áimportant to me since anxiety is something I personally deal with. For those who don’t know what anxiety is, it is a mental health disorder whereby one over-worries, even about the smallest of things and tends to perceive a situation as much worse than it is. What makes anxiety […]

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  • OOTD + Book Recommendations

    Outfit details: Top: H&M Jeans: Gap Belt: H&M Socks: Primark Trainers: Vans Sk8-Hi’s Hey guys, It’s probably not evident anymore but I love reading. As a child that was one thing I would get up to a lot. I remember the one time my mum actually came to the school book fair with me and […]

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  • OOTD + Cute Date Ideas

    Outfit Details: Bralette: H&M Jeans: Topshop Heels: New Look Hey guys, So this is a first. I never really blog about anything to do with relationships but this outfit sparked the idea for this post. I’m one of those old, hopeless, traditional romantics who believe that dates are essential to get to know about each […]

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  • Make The Most Of Your Summer

    Hey guys, So for those who find themselves getting a little bored during their summer, I’ve got some tips for you! Now I’m gonna keep it real: I actually enjoy my summers because 1. they’re productive and 2. I plan them to a certain extent. Below are some tips to make some summer memories: Download […]

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    Hey guys, Who would’ve thought that ‘Back 2 School’ season would come so soon! I mean, it took forever for the summer to come by but even before carnival came round, it started getting darker quicker – the cheek! Anyways, the title of this post pretty much gives away the purpose of this post. Every […]

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  • The Importance Of Being YOU

    Hey guys, So today I wanted to speak about something I’m quite passionate about due to many reasons: personal, societal, psychological etc. reasons. If you’re like me who loves binge reading articles and blog posts, you’re probably thinking “another one” or you could just be curious (no matter how many times I read the same […]