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  • TRAVEL DIARY | Sydney Day One + Two

    Hey guys, So if you have me on snapchat already (monochrome-ego), then you would’ve probably seen the geofilter on my snaps with ‘Sydney’. Of course being in Australia for a year meant I had to visit Sydney … it’s cheaper than flying on another occasion from London lol. Because I’m still in uni, I couldn’t […]

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  • MELBOURNE | First Impressions

    So it’s been just over a month since I’ve moved out here to Melbourne, so I feel like now is the perfect time to share my first impressions. Lemme be real though, I haven’t been out as much as I would on a holiday for a number of reasons: 1. It’s winter here (contrary to popular […]

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  • LIFE UPDATE: I moved abroad?

    Hey guys, It’s probably evident that consistency has not been happening here as of recent. I can’t apologise because I did anticipate it and to be honest, I’m surprised I’ve actually put content out. That being said, the reason behind my messed up schedule is that I have moved to Australia! To be specific, I’ve […]

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  • TRAVEL DIARY :: Algarve Edition

            Hey guys, So as mentioned in my ‘life update‘ post, my friends and I went on a short holiday in May. We went back to Portugal again but down south to the Algarve region, specifically Albufeira. This trip is probably my most last minute, random getaway and I’m glad we went! How it […]

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  • UPDATE // 2017 Catch-Up

    … didn’t expect my first post of the year to be an update or released this late but here goes: Hey guys, No apologies from me this time because I intentionally have not blogged since 2017 … here’s why: blogging to me is supposed be fun and I blog moreso for myself rather than to […]

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  • TRAVEL DIARY :: Porto

    Hey guys, So, two weeks ago I went to Porto, the 2nd largest city in Portugal for 4 nights. This was the perfect time to go on a short trip since it was the only break I would have as I transition between work and uni. I went with 4 other people and we stayed […]

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  • STYLE DIARY :: New York Edition

    Hey guys, Finally I’m actually doing a post regarding style using my own portfolio lol. The title itself already gives it away so this post will show y’all a couple outfits of the day whilst I was in New York. Now before we dive in, a couple people always wonder why I love New York, […]

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  • Places I Want To Visit

    Hi Guys, I know during my last post, I said I would be posting more throughout April but literally (and I’m being dead serious, unfortunately), about 5-10 minutes after completing the post, I got told that my exam timetable was changed and my first couple of exams have been pushed forward so they’re in 3 […]