Dear Diary


Clearly I’ve been so bad and completely neglected this part of my blog after continuously promising to update it … oops. I guess that’ll be something for me to work on for 2017 lol! On the bright side, I’m not breaking the tradition of sharing my favourites, so here goes:

  • Favourite Female Artist: Nao
  • Favourite Male Artist: Elhae, Bobii Lewis & 11:11
  • Favourite Rapper: (tbh, I haven’t listened to much rap this year)
  • Favourite Youtuber: Patricia Bright
  • Favourite Dancer: Ysabelle Capitule
  • Favourite Choreographer: Mecnun Giasar
  • Favourite Sneaker: (tbh, no trainers have really enticed me much since the Bape x Adidas drop)
  • Favourite Fragrance: Nude by Rihanna
  • Favourite TV Show: Devious Maids (how can they cancel it though?!)
  • Favourite Memory: Read here
  • Favourite Song: ”Like This’ by Wizkid (there’s so much more to list but this is the first one I can think of)
  • Favourite Album/Mixtape: Blind in the Summer by Bobii Lewis
  • Favourite Movie: Finding Dory

So that’s it folks … I hope 2017 has even more things to offer (:

– Joanita


So as I’m writing this, I know no one apart from myself can see this since I can’t get my locally hosted blog linked to my new domain. It’s so frustrating because I’ve actually committed to my blog more than ever recently and I was on a roll since December with so many plans. So for 2016 I decided to revamp and take more control and now I’m here with all these ideas and a post that’s out but unviewable to anyone but me … how sad. I hope I can get this fixed really soon because it will be a bit boring just blogging for myself.

Anyways, I’m going to watch Bratz The Movie to destress (:

(I don’t care how old I am … this will forever be one of my favourite movies)

-?P.S I planned on writing here daily (or at least every other day) since I can’t commit to making blog posts daily but still let y’all know what I’m up to and how I’m feeling here on my “Rhythmic Adventure” journal?page.

– Joanita


Guys, I can’t believe it’s 2016!!! I remember as a child when we were in the 00’s when I thought “the world population in 2020…”etc. was way too ahead of time … but now we’re like a blink away!

So like I did in 2013, I thought I should share my favourites of 2015 (some categories will be changed though):

  • Favourite Female Artist: Brandy
  • Favourite Male Artist: Tory Lanez
  • Favourite Rapper: Tory Lanez
  • Favourite Youtuber: Patricia Bright
  • Favourite Dancer: Kerrynton Jones
  • Favourite Choreographer: Leroy Curwood
  • Favourite Sneaker: Bape x Undefeated x Adidas Superstars (unfortunately they never sold them in my size … how size-ist!)
  • Favourite Fragrance: Nude by Rihanna
  • Favourite TV Show: A Different World
  • Favourite Memory: New York holiday
  • Favourite Song: ‘Lately’ by Jayy Perry; ?’In For It’ by Tory Lanez
  • Favourite Album/Mixtape: ‘Cruel Intentions’ by Tory Lanez?
  • Favourite Movie: Jason’s Lyric

Anyways, that’s it for today. I?hope y’all have an amazing 2016 (:


Hi guys,

It’s been awhile so I thought I would do a lil update (we all know me and my extensive writing won’t be so lil but hey).

As always, I haven’t been updating as consistent as I always plan to. That’s just life really; I can’t even give excuses simply because blogging isn’t my 1st priority and therefore finding time for it is hard.

As of now I’m on my christmas break from university … but I’m spending it working back where I used to so is it really a christmas break?!

I do, however, plan on actually spending 2016 updating (layout and all) and posting more on this blog *fingers crossed* so more towards new years I will share my blog goals and maybe some life goals (I’m a firm believer that if you want something, the universe will conspire in helping you achieve it so it’s good to share, to an extent).

That’s all for today. I didn’t really have an aim for this post, I just wanted to write lol.

– Joanita


BeautyCon London|23.05.15

So last weekend I was honored to attend the FIRST BeautyCon event in London. Obviously many youtubers, bloggers and viewers were not going to miss this one after the long anticipated wait whilst we witnessed Americans enjoying it. Minus those who flew in from the States (literally fans came, not just American youtubers/bloggers), no one really knew what to expect since we were all so new to it. All I knew that is I wanted to see Patricia Bright, Shirley B Eniang, Tasha Green, Amanda Steele and Teala Dunn to name a few!

So the event started at 10am, as well as Patricia’s M&G at the Tarte stall; luckily there was no queue getting in and so Talia (my friend who I went with) and I went straight to the Tarte stall to see if Patricia was there – nope, lol. So we decided to look around and according to the?program,?there was M&G’s soon starting in the M&G booths.

Now first impressions of the venue and it’s plan … it was big, which was great and definitely needed for the volume, however, there weren’t much stalls as I’d expected. Maybe because I’m so used to other events with literally the stalls overload (and the freebies lol – I know I ain’t the only one) … but then again, if there were more stalls, I don’t know if the event would be enjoyable in terms of volume as there would be queues everywhere! Other than the panels and M&G’s though, there weren’t much you could do due to the shortage of stalls … however, some did make the most of their time and got makeovers, nails did, hair did, lashes … the whole lot. I can’t complain though, because we barely went to the stalls due to going back and forth from M&Gs and panels lol!

So the 1st M&G I headed to was for Teala Dunn and Tanner. The queues looked long but they definitely went quick so we thought it would be the violated, one?picture and leave … but it weren’t! Whilst queuing for the M&G, DJ Neev approached Talia and I to interview us and she was super nice and looked great! The time came to see Teala and Tanner … now I didn’t really know Tanner like Talia did, but I definitely knew Teala lol. They were both so nice and we ended conversing for what was probably considered ‘long’ to the staff waiting for us to take a picture (…probably got some hate from the people in the queues but IDC lol). When Tanner told me he was 16 … like how is it even possible a 16 year old looks like that?!?! … like please explain (8 marks)

Then we headed back to the Tarte stall and were informed that Patricia was on her way and so we waited so we get to see her before large crowds come … plan worked. We were the first to speak to her and take pictures! It literally felt like we’d known each other, from talking about edges, recommendations of restaurants in NY to Patricia photobombing my selfies, it was like we were catching up. So far, everyone has said the same thing! She’s really nice to meet for any of her suscribers out there (:

After that, we (that being me and Talia) kinda went around the stalls a little, went to the many photobooths dotted around the venue and had our own lil photoshoots too! We then decided to join the queue for Amanda Steele and Aidan Alexander – the queue was fricking HUGE! I’m not surprised though and like before, these queues happen to go super quick (if only it was like this for concerts, festivals and the whole shabang lol). When I got to meet them … as always … conversing! I feel like that’s my thing! I?feel like that’s my way of getting to know someone, and it helps with 1st impressions in a way (my view) … it got to the point where the lady was literally trying her hardest to stop us talking ha! Both me and Amanda had woken up with a fever that very morning … imagine! But we both pulled through and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

After that, we decided to see what was happening at the Liz Earle stall since the queue was continuously growing and didn’t seem like it was moving. We were treated to complimentary gifts – which included their Hot Cloth Cleanser. I wouldn’t even hype up a product so early since it’s not even been a week, but this product is literally heavenly! I’ve never had a cleanser leave my face feeling so clean EVER! You apply the cleanser to your face when it’s dry, and it comes with a Muslin Cloth that you rinse in hot water before wiping off the cleanser. By using the Muslin Cloth, it gently exfoliates your skin, hence, why your skin is left feeling very clean and it’s gentle too! I’m already scared that they will discontinue the product and so I should stock up hahaha! Also, they gave us some?shortbread biscuits and they were everything! (I wish I took another one – they literally tasted like they were fresh out of the oven!)

So after being deeply impressed by Liz Earle, we got some hotdogs and decided to head to some panels. We watched a total of two, of which I got to see Sammi of the BeautyCrush youtube channel, BeautybyJJ, Amanda Steele again and other great youtubers and bloggers like Essie Button. They were really great to hear their views on topics?and for the audience to be able to ask them questions upfront!

In between two of the panels, I got to see Shirley B Eniang … she is one of my favourite British youtubers! She’s SO SO GORGEOUS in person … like she was a live tumblr photo! Her skin was so flawless and her sister Kezia was also really nice to meet.

All in all, I’m glad that I attended BeautyCon, especially as we were all curious as to how the event will run. It’s actually a good way to network, discover new products and buy products that are not available in UK stores. If it does come back I will most probably attend it (:

– Joanita


It’s weird how quick the weeks flash by us, but annoying how the weekend goes faster. It’s 21.03 (GMT) as I’m typing this and I have to be in bed for work in less than an hour *sighs*. Anyways, my week has been so busy, as have 95% of my weeks this year so far, but I can’t complain because I get to meet amazing people, and experience things I wouldn’t have if I would just do the regular (no offence intended).

Anyways, I’m just going to give a brief account of what I experienced on 11.02.15 (Wednesday). So for those who know, Will Smith and Margot Robbie have a new movie releasing (27th Feb) called FOCUS. To my advantage, I got tickets (thanks to The National Student) for the early screening. Now for those who know, early screenings means you get to see the movie early … sometimes, just an extended version of the trailer, or 30 mins of the movie, along with a Q & A with the cast … tbh, it varies which every movie, cinema etc. So my interpretation was that I will maybe see about 30 mins of it. I was given 2 tickets so I gave my 2nd ticket to a friend of mine, Courtnie, because I knew she really wanted to see it.

Come to Wednesday, I was at work and?weren’t on my phone the whole day until I had to meet Courtnie after work. We came to find out the screening was going to have a red carpet event and be broadcasted live … not the normal screening tbh. We get there and there’s loads of people hustling for wristbands to see Will and Margot on the red carpet, lights everywhere and so many security offers. Because we had an hour to spare, we just grabbed a bite and chilled first. We (guests) had to start entering at 6.45pm, so around 6.50pm, we decided to make our way to the cinema where the screening will occur, and coincidentally, huge crowds were screening, and then we saw on the big screen that Will Smith had arrived. We had to keep going through the crowds to find out from security where guests enter … little did we know that we were going down the red carpet to (and at the same as Will much to our advantage). Me being me, I stopped on the red carpet to take pictures (selfies included lol) before we got in.

We got to the screening room in the cinema, and we could pick seats … so me being bold ol’ me, went right to the front with the film critics … was worth it because I made a few temporary friends sitting there and got a great view. Popcorn and beverages were provided and we watched the stream of Will, Margot and other cast members on the red carpet which was cool, especially when tricks were being demonstrated. After they were done, they came in, and bam, right in front of us was Margot and Will. All I can say is Australian’s get that goooooood sun; Margot looks absolutely gorgeous in person (as well as on the screens), like, she literally glows. After a nice introduction and Will being a screaming weirdo (a cool weirdo, I should add), we got to watch the movie. The full movie.

Now for the movie … never have I really watched a movie and wanted to become a criminal lol. The film doesn’t portray cons as the obvious ‘swipe a watch’ type, but ones where they really use pschology to con people, which was proper cool. Also, if you’ve ever watched Scandal, you’d know that whenever you think you know what’s about to happen … you’re most likely wrong. This is how Focus was like … proper unpredictable. All in all, I think everyone should watch it … it’s tailored for everyone (minus kids lol) and has a bit of everything; it’s not just action, but comedy and quite a bit of romance … but the bad boy, bad girl type.

I thought this account would be brief, but it seems far from that lol.

So I’m just going to ….. stop.

P.S. All photo credits to Courtnie. Thanks C.

– Joanita.


… You know when people say it’s been a minute? … as in it’s been some time? … well, in my case, it’s probably been a good 72 hours lol. I’ve actually wanted to consistently blog, but the phase when I’d started was during A-Levels, aka ‘DEPRESSION’ for those who don’t know, so I never had the time to blog much with school, dance, exams and other responsibilities going on. I did, however, have drafts and had planned some blogs posts … even when I was stranded in Egypt, circa August 2014, I’d written a draft and all. But I just didn’t feel right posting them and now I’m working, I would’ve thought I would have time … wrong.

From work, to meetings, to dance rehearsals and events, I’m lucky to catch an 8 hour sleep tbh. I don’t regret it at all, but it does honestly get me so knackered!

I have convinced myself to try and blog more consistently this year, and it’ll be a great thing to look back at in the future too (personally lol).

Today, though has been a great time to restart blogging though because I had a fabulous day yesterday to top off my busy week. Originally, I’d planned to go to a video shoot (I’m a dancer), then to my friend, Sirayah’s ?birthday, and then to Glyn Brown’s pop-up shop to see him & Kendell. PROPER FLOP if I must say so myself.

Lesson of that day: Never make plans for after shoots.

I literally missed my friends birthday, which I feel so awful about, because of licensing issues at the location of the shoot, which caused a major delay and so instead of being done around 3pm, I was done at 7pm. So from there, I went to Glyn’s pop-up shop (thank God it was nearby) and it was definitely not what I’d expected.

I’d met Glyn once before at his previous pop-up store in London last year so I didn’t really expect him to remember me much. WRONG. He remembered me, knew my name and lifted me! Totally unexpected, but that warm welcome made me happy, and the fact that he was happy, sent off real good vibes! It was great seeing him make big moves … I mean, being a university student from New York, opening up shops in London … not exactly what you expect from a young person of age, but I’m definitely proud of everything he does!

(Meanwhile all this was happening … my friend Courtnie was asleep. Imagine.)

But yeah guys, I should be blogging?much more this time … sorry this was a real long post but ya know … it’s been a year … literally.

– Joanita

(anyone seen the wireless line-up btw?)


Okay, so its my 18th birthday next Friday (24th January) and idk, I have a bittersweet feeling. On the positive side, if there’s any popping parties or events (shots to Glyn Browns parties lol) I can go because I’ll be 18, but on the negative, it came so so soon … I feel old.

Oh well, but for this entry I’m going to do a sort of birthday wishlist

(Note to reader: I’ll be surprised if I even get one of these so literally take the word WISHlist to heart. And I’m one to appreciate even the smallest simpliest things)

1. An iPad Mini
2. A gold watch (idc on brands or whatever, I just feel that they’re cute accessories)
3. Nail varnish (especially if its black)
4. Makeup brushes, and especially eyeshadow brushes
5. Black timbs
6. Clear backpack
7. Milky bars (even though I should be eatimg clean, these are legit everything and more)
8. Black Sk8-Hi Vans
9. Ankle boots
10. Lip stains

I’ll do an entry after my birthday telling you how it goes (:
– Joanita


Vloggers seem to do tags, so I thought “why not do a sort of tag?! … like instead of december favourites, I could do 2013 favourites … so I’m going to list some of my favourites”

Favourite female artist: Justine Skye

Favourite male artist: Kid Cudi

Favourite rapper: Kid Cudi and Jay-Z

Favourite accessory: Rings … and watches

Favourite clothing item: Oversized jumpers … any … literally from streetwear to knitted jumpers

Favourite sneaker: Red Octobers (even though they still aren’t released) and Bel Air 5’s. I don’t know what to consider vans, but the sk8-Hi’s are another favourite … and any Guiseppe’s. That’s alot of favourite sneakers, but yeah.

Favourite fragrance: Pink Friday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I don’t like Minajesty as much as Pink Friday

Favourite album: Indicud, Magna Carta, Zendaya and the Everyday Living EP. I know thats not one.

Favourite TV show: Dance Moms. I can’t get over it. And Hit The Floor (I love Taylour Paige in it and her character, Ahsha Hayes)

Favourite memory: Pulse on Tour weekend

Favourite app: I don’t really care for apps, so probably the twitter app.

Favourite song: Way too hard. I’ve got loads, so here’s a few:

  • Lofticries – Purity Ring
  • Just What I am – Kid Cudi?
  • MSFTS Anthem 2 – Jaden Smith
  •  Everyday Living – Justine Skye
  • The Worst – Jhene Aiko
  • Messin’ with you – Justine Skye
  • Fireflies – Zendaya
  • Holy Grail – Jay-z (ft. Justin Timberlake)
  • Disrespectful – Ken Rebel
  •  Applause – Lady Gaga

– Joanita





Avoid twitter. Avoid youtube.



2013 is finally ending, and so now it’s my time to review how 2013 went. Tbh, I didn’t think it could go any faster; it feels like last month we were at the beginning of 2013, and we’re already entering 2014. This year is probably my busiest year, that have faced alot of changes, including the amount of opportunities I’ve faced and the people I’ve met etc. I thought I should list my top 10 highlights of the year. (I will probably forget a few but oh well, lol)

10. This shouldn’t be funny, but getting stranded in Great Yarmouth was quite an experience

9. Meeting the Rangers … made me love american boys even more

8. My friend Sarah’s 18th birthday rave. Literally need another turnt up party to go to soon

7. Dance workshops with Jody Leigh, and working with Mikel Ameen

6. Meeting Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Trey Smith a several times, as well as seeing Moises Arias and talking to Alfonso Ribeiro

5. Seeing Ciara live. Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve loved Ciara since Goodies, when I was so young so seeing her live was something I didn’t ever imagine happening

4. Meeting and getting taught by some of my favourite choreographers, Willdabeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra, as well as meeting Dejan Tubic and Zack Venegas

3. Funnily, Jaden Smith scaring me in Leicester Square is a highlight, simply because everyone seemed to be watching, and me being clueless didn’t know he was going to do that

2. Going “home” … to New York City. It literally felt like home. Weirdly, most New Yorkers there thought I was from New York, and the people I went with said I fit in easily (:

1. Experiencing the first time the ‘Pulse on Tour’ hit London. This is a weekend-long dance convention, where some of the World’s best choreographers teach and inspire mass numbers of dancers. I was blessed to be taught by Brian Friedman, Carmit Bachar (from Pussycat Dolls), Cris Judd, Laurieann Gibson, Sisco Gomez and Kimberley Taylor

These are not my only highlights but some of my best highlights. For 2014, I hope for more highlights and bigger and better opportunities.

– Joanita


It’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog, and that’s for a several reasons, but before I get into that, I’m going to explain what this part – Rhythmic Adventure – is for.

‘Rhythmic Adventure’?is a metaphor (sort of) for my life. ‘Adventure’ being the journey of life and ‘Rhythmic’ meaning like a beat, it has its highs, and unfortunately, its lows. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it does to me so this page will be about my personal experiences and stuff (:

Back to why I haven’t updated, ?I’m 17 so I’m in my last year of sixth form, meaning I’ve had the burden of UCAS (UK application to university), as well as taking my ACT and SAT exams, which are the qualifications I need to apply for US colleges. And in between all of that, I went to New York for a few days … that tbh felt like home, and other stuff like performances and events, as well as normal Mon-Friday school, so I’ve been pretty busy. With that being said, for 2014, I hope to update more regularly, but I can’t promise a certain day of the week in particular.

For those reading my blog, thanks for reading, sharing and commenting, and if there’s any particular topics you’d like me to speak about, then you can suggest them in the comments and hopefully I can speak about it!

– Joanita

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