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  • IN THE MIND | Fro Girl Ginny

    Hey guys, So for awhile, I’ve wanted to introduce an ‘interviews’ element to my blog; personally I love reading and watching interviews. Not only do I find them interesting, but they inspire me in different ways. I had a number of people I wanted to interview, with Nia being one! I told her about this last […]

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  • LIFE UPDATE: I moved abroad?

    Hey guys, It’s probably evident that consistency has not been happening here as of recent. I can’t apologise because I did anticipate it and to be honest, I’m surprised I’ve actually put content out. That being said, the reason behind my messed up schedule is that I have moved to Australia! To be specific, I’ve […]

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  • TMI Tag | Part Two

    Hey guys, If you haven’t already, read part one here  26. The reason I started blogging? I just like producing content. It’s more so for myself than to appeal to others … hence why I can’t box myself into a particular type of blogging. 27. Fears? giving up. 28. Last thing that made you cry? talking to my […]

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    Hey guys, Long time, no post … and I can’t apologise for it. All I can say is that I’m now back on my grind! Fortunately, my summer has started, which means I can spend time creating content without the overriding guilt of academics. Unfortunately, my third year of university begins in July. That being […]

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  • BEAUTYCON 2016 | Part One: The Experience

    Hey guys, So this past weekend (03.12.16) I went to BeautyCon for the 2nd time in London. Because I had gone last year, I knew what to expect in comparison to my first time so I had my goals set on interacting with people (and actually buying products: the biggest L in the end). Like last year, […]

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  • Industry Vs. Racism

    As some of you may know, fashion week has wrapped up, with New York, London, Milan and Paris – the major fashion week cities – displaying collections of SS14. This is probably an exciting week for many people involved in fashion such as hypebeasts (who want to cop the upcoming stuff), models who want to […]